Entrepreneurs- Best Advice for When the Going Gets Tough

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An entrepreneur, unlike an ordinary business person, is that one who has accepted to tread the untraded dangerous paths trying to find that one thing in life that will change their life and business for eternity. When a business has come to a seemingly dead end, there you get an entrepreneur excited about the new opportunities and many solutions toward their success.

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and is willing to take risks and losses thereof. They are not afraid to fail; in fact, this is a way of life toward reaching their goal. They are leaders who don’t just watch it happen; they make it happen. 

Naveen Jain; Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, says;

“A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is a visionary, and the person who goes out and does something is an entrepreneur.”

5 Things that make Entrepreneurs Survive Tough Times

1.They stay motivated and believe that with a strong foundation and a reliable source of income, the business can stand even the tempestuous moments. That is why they are always engaged in building strong revenue channels. They are continually simulating their businesses in a variety of business environments, and besides brainstorming on new methods, the company can bring more profits. Therefore during those rough times, they are motivated and optimistic because they have the necessary energy to keep them pushing.

2.These guys have mustered those who derail them from achieving their goals. Their primary focus is the clients who will pay them for goods and services rendered. They give them the best experience and therefore when the business is offseason, these are the customers who will stand with you. That keeps the entrepreneur going.

3.“Remember why you are doing what you do” is a phrase that continually rings in the entrepreneur’s mind whenever they are faced with difficulties in business. They have a purpose and cause to fight for; they see a lot of future for their business and have already seen success even in difficulties. That is why they are ready to go through the painful moments victoriously –it’s for a cause anyway. 

4.These men and women have ‘Faith.' Things can go south, and they often do for any business, and this can sometimes be very discouraging. No one wants to run a business which is not profitable with your members of staff not really up to the game and clients are not turning up as per your expectation. But an entrepreneur has one thing that keeps them strong, that there is a better tomorrow, even if things are not working, a voice inside them keeps reminding them that things are just falling into place and sooner than later, it’s going to be brighter. Whatever you are going through is just for a season and the sleepless moments will pay off. Faith keeps your fire burning eve in the darkest moments.

5.Entrepreneurs know what they want and have had it on paper that which they want to accomplish. It is in black and white, and every morning, they take time and meditate on it. When it gets tough, they get back and remind themselves of their dream. That keeps them motivated and knowing that the current situation cannot be compared to the more significant picture they have for the business and therefore intelligently go through it. They keep going back to that statement of purpose every time and thus have no time to worry or be anxious.


In summary, entrepreneurs share this vital tip; they have a big picture of their business. When the delicate moments come, they are not distracted. These guys are consistent in what they do, even during low season–they have a list of the things they do on a daily basis. Their vision and consistency are what defines their success.

Patrick MuasyaMasika
Kenya, Africa
Freelance Content Writer

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