Why Small Companies Have the Innovation Advantage

Innovation and Businessor Companies are all evolving entities. An innovation whenever comes out, it is of smaller specification in terms both qualitative or quantitative approach and similar is a Business or Company, whenever gets incorporated it is having a smaller scope as compared to its rival maybe a year older than it. Hence, both an innovation and small company are mutually viable for each other's testing and implementation proforma on grounds of better and swift output or result. 

Big companies or Corporate housesare always having watertight compartments of professionals binded by various protocols, rules and regulationsand as these rules are administering forces over a large number of employeeshence, it is very tiresome and hectic to bring about a sudden change just for the sake of implementation of new innovation, be it a good or product or any idea or service. On the other hand, the ruleset or book of protocolsof smaller companies are very brief and flexible and are having scopes of getting altered anytime for sake of increase in output of the firm by implementationof innovative ideas atany point of time.

Many small companies or basically Startupfirms start their operations based on some creative ideology since its inception whereas large companies or already settled companies keeps on operating over their traditional and origination values hovering over list of preoccupied clients which reduces the probability or chances of exercising new or innovative ideas at any point of time. 

Morever, the latest amendments in the finance sector which very conveniently permits business Startup loan to entrepreneurswith nice CIBIL Score or asset value; or benefits given to inventors and innovatorsin form of national and international contests or grants provided to Patent holders are enabling them to create their own brand, unlike the previous practice of transfer of patent rights to big companies adhering to the laws and regulations of Indian Intellectual Property Rights.

It is not any governing law or mandatoryclause that small companies have the Innovation Advantage, yet the ongoing trendcertainly improvising this concept, hence optimising the chances of nation to avail benefits of some new and innovative perception, might be having a modern and revolutionary perspective.