Surprising Foods that Help Fight Diabetes

Almonds for Diabetes

Almonds are considered as diabetes-friendly nuts. They are bite-sized but at the same time is packed with nutritional sources like calcium, riboflavin, copper, fiber, protein, manganese and Vitamin E.  For people who are diabetic, this nut has proven to be quite a healthy snack power-packed with minerals and vitamins. Almonds, while nutritionally beneficial for most people, are especially good for people with diabetes. Researchers found that long-term high blood sugar levels may cause a loss of magnesium via urine. Because of this, people with diabetes may be at a greater risk for magnesium deficiency. Almonds Provide necessary magnesium to a diabetic patient.
Do you remember how our mothers used to run after us with those soaked and peeled almonds every morning while we were rushing to catch the school bus? Even though it is 'bite-sized', we cannot underestimate the health benefits of these little nuts. Not just a child's best friend, almonds have also proved to be nutritionally beneficial, especially for people with type 2 - Diabetes. A number of researches have demonstrated that these shell-shaped nuts may decrease the ascent in blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. Magnesium, one of the main components in almonds help in decreasing the susceptibility to a group of disorders (metabolic syndrome) that increase the risk of high sugar. So, we would not be wrong in saying; 8-9 almonds a day helps to keep diabetes at bay!

Not everyone is well aware of what almonds could offer us. Yes, the tiny nuts that have been consumed by us since ages. With a rich composition of several vitamins and minerals, almonds have proved its worth as a natural way of fending off diseases and keeping you healthy. Its high magnesium content helps prevent Type 2 diabetes, making it a health watcher's favorite. So be it your morning tea time snack or quick brunch, adding almonds to your diet could help you say goodbye to diabetes.

Almonds are one of the highest sources of protein and other fats. Almonds are beneficial for many people but these are most beneficial for diabetes people. It helps to control diabetes. Almond helps to increase the insulin level in diabetic people. Almond decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is a good source of vitamin E .It is a source of magnesium which is also good for diabetic people.

Almonds have always been known for their rich nutritional values and multiple health benefits. Many types of research in the past years have established a remarkable connection between the consumption of almonds and reduced symptoms, especially pertaining to diabetes. Almonds are an exceptionally beneficial source of vitamin E, manganese, proteins, fibers, and minerals. Almonds are high in magnesium, the intake of which lessens the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Adding almonds to one's diet enhances insulin sensitivity and decreases cholesterol levels as well.

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