Best Foods that Fight Fatigue and Depression

Almonds are known to be great foods for improving memory. But this wonder food has more uses than we know. From reducing the risk of heart diseases to strengthening the immune system, it’s an elixir in itself. Not only does it keep you healthy inside, but it also helps you to stay beautiful on the outside. The benefits of almond oil for skin and hair are being narrated since time immemorial. Also, almonds are known to cure some modern-day disorders making it a superfood.

Physical and Mental Disorders

With our hectic and sedentary lifestyle, we have been facing many physical and mental disorders. Fatigue is one of the most common physical conditions experienced by people of every age. It is a feeling of tiredness and low energy which might occur gradually or instantly. The most common causes of fatigue are dehydration, improper diet, excess caffeine consumption, and disturbed or less sleep, etc. If someone’s experiencing fatigue, their desire to sleep or rest increases due to low energy levels and might be misunderstood for drowsiness. Though there are many foods and supplements which will help to overcome fatigue, one of the superfoods which are undeniably effective in combating this disorder is almond. Almonds are very effective in treating Fatigue. Almonds are a rich source of magnesium, fiber, and omega-6 fatty acids and will help to combat low energy levels instantly.

Essential Nutrients 

Almonds contain some essential nutrients such as riboflavin and copper as well, which helps to regularize the metabolic rate in the body. The slower metabolism is one of the causes of fatigue, and an essential source of riboflavin will help to regulate the metabolism thereby reducing fatigue. Not only it will stabilize the body’s metabolic activity it will also help you to maintain an ideal weight. 

Symptoms of Fatigue

If regular symptoms of fatigue are delayed and not cured on time, it might lead to chronic fatigue syndrome wherein the person experiences severe fatigue for more than six months. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by a person’s inability to do daily tasks because of a drastic drop in energy levels. One experiences extreme tiredness making it arduous for the person to even get up from the bed. The causes of this syndrome aren’t clear and the treatment also differs from person to person depending on the severity and the lifestyle. Hence, the remedies are subjective and there’s no one size fits all, for this. A moderate dose of almonds along with light physical over a period of time has been reported to cure the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Sore Muscles and Inadequate and Inconsistent Diet

Sore muscles and inadequate and inconsistent diet are some other causes of fatigue. Almonds are great anti-oxidants and will help to restore the energy levels. They are also a great blood sugar moderator and hence, can be had when a person experiences sudden spikes and dip in the energy. 

Healthy Lifestyle

There are many such modern-day health challenges that are increasingly experienced by people. By imbibing some healthy lifestyle routines such as exercising, meditation, keeping yourself adequately hydrated and last but not the least, consuming nuts such as almonds will help you to restore the balance in your life. Almonds are not just curing agents, they are also a precautionary tool and as you know prevention is better than cure, don’t shy away from munching this healthy snack every day. 

Thanks to Komal Patil