How To Whiten Skin With Almond Oil? | Almond Oil for Skin Whitening/Lightening

Everyone knows that nuts make for a wholesome, healthy snack as it is rich in vitamins and even keeps you energized and full. In this kingdom of nuts, almond is one of the most important of all and has various benefits as well. Almond oil has been used for hair since ages and we can’t emphasize more on the number of advantages, it has to offer.
Very few people are aware of the various benefits it has to offer for our skin. Some of us know that almond oil moisturizes the skin but rarely do we know that is also a skin lightening agent. YES! You heard that right, beauties… Now look nowhere else and grab that almond oil on your shelf to start looking brighter and lighter!

Benefits for the Skin

In case, you’re wondering vitamin E is the magic ingredient in this oil which helps to lighten the skin. Almond oil also contains vitamins A & B which together along with vitamin E help to lock the moisture in the skin making it softer and smoother. Not only does it help in lightening it also helps you to stay younger as fatty acids in the oil prevent skin from aging by reducing wrinkles. To explain how it does all these wonders, almond oil propagates new and healthy skin cell production. It’s a natural sunscreen and if applied while going out, it’ll prevent sun damage and tanning. If you are worried that using oil might clog your pores and give you those redundant bumps then do not give a second thought because almond oil is in fact, pore cleansing agents. So not only will it cleanse the pores but will also get absorbed through the skin instantly. 

How to Use Almond Oil

To lighten the skin almond oil is best used with corn flour and lemon and if you need that extra oomph then use it with vitamin E tablets. By mixing equal parts of corn flour and almond oil along with few lemon drops, you can make a great skin lightening mask from the comfort of your home. You can also apply it with pomegranate and bananas to make your own fruit facial and get that smooth, soft and supple skin. An excellent way to make a de-tan mask with almond oil is to use it with licorice. Add licorice powder, almond oil and few drops of rose water, apply it on your skin for 15 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water to see a completely de-tanned and rejuvenated skin. All these home mask recipes involve simple ingredients from the kitchen and easy to make. Use these masks at least thrice a week to get that glow and light skin. 

Some Skin Care Tips for Skin Lightening

While ingredients like almond will definitely help you to get that desired complexion and a very healthy skin, it is important to follow a good skin-care routine to take care of your skin and to see the results of these wonder ingredients. If using the above masks for cleansing then do not use soap or use it moderately. Harsh soaps will dehydrate the skin making it look dark and dull. Wear good sunscreen or make one, using almond oil and you are good to go and enjoy that sunny day! Lastly, hydrate yourself and stay healthy.

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