Top Yoga Asanas for Concentration | How To Improve Concentration With Yoga

Yoga uses controlled breathing and asanas to focus your body and mind. Each asana is carefully designed to focus on particular areas of the body. The human machine is designed to move, flex, and bend in very specific ways. The postures or the Asanas, as one refers to them in the pursuit of yoga, contribute selectively to the health and well-being of human beings in general.

Hatha is the easiest form of yoga. Whether you are new surfer or a seasoned surfer who is interested in surfing the bigger waves, asanas can help you improve your balance, muscular stamina and mental concentration. Yoga helps improve your level of concentration and enhances mental clarity. Full concentration is required to reach a completely motionless mind and body and optimal relaxation.

A clean body supports a clear and concentrated mind, which is necessary for properly executing yoga postures. We must be able to achieve a passive position, adopt the appropriate pranayama and concentrate our minds upon its purpose. With other meditation techniques the power of concentration is essential. Yoga poses or exercises are known as Asanas and usually start with slow, deep breathing and concentrating your mind on yourself. For beginners there are various yoga postures that do not need a lot of concentration and strain.

Concentration is fixing the mind on a point or object, either internal or external. In practice, the tight style would allow you to concentrate on practice during the class. Yoga should be practiced only under the guidance of a proper yoga teacher as it also involves some breathing techniques and need to be learnt properly. Children with special needs are included into mainstream classes wherever possible. Then there are videos like Yoga Relax, in which you concentrate on quieting your mind, and body with a series of gentle yoga stretches that rejuvenate and refresh your body.

The psychological benefits of yoga are just as important and include anxiety and depression decrease, concentration improves and self acceptance increases. Anytime you feel your energy slipping, and you struggle to concentrate and focus on what you are supposed to be doing, rather than waste more time and energy. Practice on both the left and the right, holding the asana for 60-90 seconds. This should improve concentration.