Top Yoga for Thyroid | Top Yoga Poses And Pranayama For Thyroid Problems

Being overweight has been a common concern for the people all over the world. Thyroid disorders are usually caused by tumors, infections, or heredity. It is believed that thyroid does not function normally is the reason for hypothyroidism. 
Yoga is also famous among people who live stress-filled lives. The practice of yoga is known to improve many risk factors for heart disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, and stress and inflammation in the body. The various asanas that help cure obesity. Kapalabhati Pranayama also helps normalize TSH levels which can reduce weight in those suffering from an underlying thyroid disorder.

A major advantage of doing a yoga practice at least twice a week is that it keeps your body and mind flexible and your body relaxed. Yoga poses like mahamudra stimulates the thyroid gland which regulates metabolism. Many yoga poses-such as twists, back bends, and shoulder stands can balance the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, which can definitely aid in weight loss. 

It is not just enough to say you are practicing breathing, but how well are you doing it? Sarvangasana exercise stimulates the thyroid glands and the genitalia of both males and females. The fish pose, wheel pose, as well as the shoulder stand, all affect the thyroid gland and function, from different perspectives, influencing blood flow and collateral hormone function. The right recipe of Asanas will stimulate the thyroid gland, which controls metabolism.

The boat pose also regulates the thyroid glands and the prostate glands, which help to regulate your metabolism and help to relieve your stress. Thyroid gland activity is stimulated. This in turn increases hormonal secretions which help to reduce weight. A properly functioning thyroid gland helps the processes that convert food into energy.

Some effective Yoga Postures for Thyroid problems are: Narishodhan Pranayam, Sarvangasan, Suryabhedi Pranayam, Shitali Pranayam, Ujjayi Pranayam, Bhastrika pranayam, Sitkari pranayam and Bhramari pranayam. These powerful yoga postures are known to cleanse and stimulate the thyroid gland to balance itself while encourage a balancing of all hormones.

As a yoga instructor your mission is to help people maintain a long and healthy life. Becoming as knowledgeable as you can will help greatly. 

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