What is “Impression RPM” in Adsense?

RPM (Revenue Per thousand impressions) is quite simply the amount of estimated revenue you will earn for every thousand impressions. It is calculated by dividing the total estimated earnings by the number of impressions, and then multiplying the result by 1000 (since the count is per thousand impressions).Impression is when an advertisement appears on the computer screen. CPM in digital marketing refers to cost per thousand impressions, i.e what an advertiser pays to a website owner, when his ad appears 1000 times on the website.

Its number of times an ad shows up on your blog. But impressions don’t guarantee the revenue if the bid type is CPC and not impressions counts when the bid type is CPM.

"Page RPM" and "Impression RPM" are 2 different things.

Page RPM = Revenues / Page Views * 1000

Impression RPM = Revenues / Ads Impressions * 1000

Always consider Page RPM to calculate income. It is the right and less confusing way to calculate adsense income.

Let’s take an example suppose you are showing 5 Adsense ads on every page, so in case your 1 page view is equal to 5 ad impressions. Let suppose, you got 10 clicks out of 500 ads impressions i.e your CTR would be 2% [ 10/500x100 ]. CTR is click through rate and CPC is Cost per Click is the revenue you earn each time a visitor clicks on your ad. The average earnings across the whole of the Google Publisher Network is often said to be $1 per 1,000 ad impressions.

The only real way to know is to run adsense on your site, but you can get a good understanding of how your site might compare to that average by understanding the most important variables that impact performance: Click Through Rate (CTR), your niche, geography of users, Ad unit size, Visitor behavior and demographics and How good your site is?

Some people make thousands of dollars a month with AdSense. If you get good at those things, you can make a lot. AdSense earn depends on Ad Placement, Geo Location and Quality Content & traffic.

Is High impression on AdSense good or bad?

If it is real traffic then it’s good and if it’s coming from paid traffic or from bot then it it’s not good. If high impression is coming from bot or paid traffic then your adsense account will be at risk of suspension.

How do I increase my AdSense RPM?

RPM varies because of the following reasons:
  • ·      RPM majorly depends on your user’s location. Most of the time, you don’t have the same number of users on a particular country/region on each day.
  • ·      Advertisers are bidding to get the advertising slots. They bid the price based on the market situation on that day. Hence there will be difference on the RPM too.
  • ·        In few countries publishers are asked to pay in their local currency instead of the USD. Since USD to local currency fluctuates on daily basis, it has a small impact on the RPM as well.
For more understand you can check at Google here: 


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