How to Promote your Small Business on Facebook ?

Facebook is a great medium to increase your brand’s exposure. Most people use Facebook after work.There are so many ways by which one can earn money through facebook, if the page has enough number of fans. Page on facebook has their website and when you share the links of the articles on their page to drive traffic.You can even sell your own product on your facebook page.When your facebook page grows big enough, then people contacts you to promote their pages for some amount of money. 

Go to your Facebook profile and create a Facebook page. Include a unique profile and cover photo of your brand.

The display name and username should be that of your brand. Go to Edit settings > Page info - Add Website and Description.

Under edit page, You can edit the tab or option that appears on your page to what you want viewers to see. You decide to add tabs such review, events,offers and so on or a contact or message button linking back to your website.

Under Edit Settings > page roles, you can add more users to help you mange the page to increase engagement. The added users can be given roles such as; editor, administrator, moderator, advertiser, or analyst.

How To Increase Facebook Page likes: 

  • Create a Facebook page using this link with compelling page name.Setup a good profile picture and cover photo.
  • Invite friends and family to like your page.Ask your friends to share your Facebook page to their wall.
  • Link a group to your page.
  • Post user engaging content like photos / messages / videos so that people may share your posts and then their friends will also see your page, thus you will get more number of likes.Post things that are more likely to get comments, shares and likes / reactions.
  • Post one or two links a day 
  • Make your Facebook pages Brand themselves.
  • Make Good Use of Photos
  • Run a Facebook Contest
  • Follow Influencers
  • Make Use of Testimonials.
  • Best time to post 
  • Include a call to action
  • Post only original, fun and "Sharable" content

How to Verify your Facebook Page?

Facebook Verified Badge is in 2 colors i.e., Grey & Blue for a Verified Page on Facebook.

Grey Badge Verification 

It is an easy process and can be done if your FB page is about “Local Business” or “Company” or an “Organization”.You need to follow the steps as below:
  1.     Click on Settings link which is at the top right of your FB Page
  2.     Into General section itself i.e. Left Side Menu's 1st link, Click on Page Verification
  3.     Click on Verify this Page and then proceed further with a click on Get Started
  4.     Enter the Phone Number for your business, your city, your country and language
  5.     Click on Call Me Now or Text Message to allow Facebook to send you the Verification Code
  6.    Enter the 4-digit Facebook Page Verification Code into the block provided and then click Continue
That’s it, and your Facebook Page is Verified.

Blue Badge 

It is assigned for Public Figures, Popular Brands, Celebrities, Sports Personals, Media Channels, Journalists, Entertainment and Government Authorities.Submitting Valid Proofs about your Identity by filling the form available on Facebook.Before applying for Blue tick verification you should know about this points:
  • Did you have more followers?
  • Did you filled all the sections of information (like About Section, Qualification etc.)?