What's the difference between Google AdSense and AdWords?

Both platforms are developed and owned by Google. Both networks offer internet advertising. Both AdSense and AdWords don’t require any extra fees for registration. You can easily give up from the service at any time desired.

Google adwords allows you to advertise on the Google search results pages, partner websites or the Google Display network. Adwords has become very successful not only because it generates a big part of Google’s income. It is a Pay Per Click system that allows retailers to display their ads on top of the SERP using keywords and bids for those keywords to determine who’s ad displays first. Ads you see at the very top (light blue portion) of the search engines on Google and their partners search engines. This includes the right-hand side text ads you see when you type in a search query. 

Whenever you see Sponsored Links and you click on those ads, companies are paying for it. One of the main characteristics is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (Pay Per Click). When you create an account with Adwords, you can create your advertising campaigns, choose your ads and budget, decide where your want the ads to appear and Google will only charge you when someone clicks on the ads. AdWords allows you to keep track of the amount of clicks and other important indicators that help to improve your ad texts. In Adwords, you only pay when someone clicks your PPC ad. If you are doing Adwords without knowing about it then you may end up with a bad result. 

With an AdWords account, you can create multiple ads groups and each group could be targeted to reach the specific people. The campaign allows you to keywords to which you are like to show your ads. You can also choose areas, days, and times. Based on competition, the quality of your ads, the quality of landing page, bid amount and some more features are decided the position of your ads on Google search results. These spaces can be from Google owned sites like Search, YouTube etc or from third party websites (more on this later) to display the ads. It works on a CPC model and the advertiser needs to pay only when users click on an ad. Google AdWords is something you use to promote your business.

Google Adsense

Adsense is the platform to use as a publisher to display Google Ads on your website. When someone clicks on an ad that is shown on your website you will get paid a portion of what the Adwords advertiser pays. AdSense allows small as well as big website owners to monetize their content or ad spaces by placing ads. The ads you see all over the Internet on web sites, are people who put those ads on their web sites in hopes to make a lot of money from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others when people click on them. Google allows only ads display three per page. Statistics have shown the blue link, black text, and light grey URL (Google) link convert the best. You must spend time placing new, fresh, unique articles on your web site or BLOG at a minimum of two times per week. 

AdSense account includes different reports that help you optimize ads better and follow the results. The users will get paid when a person clicks on the ads. The ads are generated by Google Adwords program for the companies or businesses that paid for traffic. You need to spend time and effort to gain traffic to your website so that there are chances to get more clicks; this is possible only after Google accepts your website. GoogleAdsense is difficult to get approved and once get approved using the ads on a website is easy. You can include the ad code to the website with no deep research and guide.

At the End, The short Difference is that AdWords is for Advertisers and Adsense is for Publishers. So when you need to decide between Adsense vs Adwords for your enterprise, you should always research.