Best YouTube Channels for Kids in India

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Subscribers: 17,277,267
Joined Date : Joined Feb 8, 2013
Views : 13,976,923,869 views
Description: ChuChuTV is designed to engage children through a series of upbeat nursery rhymes and educational songs with colorful animations. Our ChuChu TV characters will teach kids their favorite nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, numbers etc and more importantly good human values which we feel is very important for the next generation champions.

CVS 3D Rhymes

Subscribers: 12,329,630
Joined Date: Joined Aug 26, 2008
Views: 8,255,084,318 views
Description: 3D Animation Nursery Rhymes, Stories and Short Films, Devotional video Songs (albums) clips in English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi etc.


Subscribers: 1,705,042 
Joined Date: Joined Apr 2, 2014
Views: 414,012,793 views
Description: This is a one stop channel for kids and their parents who want to enjoy a wide range of animated 2D "Nursery rhymes" and many more children songs. Check out our collection of "KIDS ZONE TV" and "Children songs" including Superheroes ,gummy bears and Skeleton finger family rhymes and Songs.

Infobells - Hindi

Subscribers: 4,552,397
Joined Date: Joined Jun 6, 2014
Views: 2,595,221,853 views
Description: Infobells Interactive Solutions is a multi-faceted E-Learning firm, engaged in publishing and marketing of Interactive Educational & Edutainment video content, covering a wide variety of categories like Children Rhymes, Animated Stories, Kids Education, Reference, Lifestyle, Self Improvement, CBT's etc.Infobells showed a natural interest towards the Hindi language and produced a one of a kind 3D character animated "Favourite Hindi Rhymes"-  A superb collection of fun filled traditional Hindi Rhymes. 

Rajshri Kids

Subscribers: 864,863
Joined Date: Joined Feb 13, 2009
Views: 324,764,702 views
Description: Subscribe to Rajshri Kids channel, the #1 destination for kids and their parents who want to enjoy animated and live action videos. Enjoy our collection of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, moral stories, educational, mythological videos and much more.

Wow Kidz Comedy

Subscribers: 718,168
Joined Date: Joined Nov 8, 2017
Views: 200,405,916 views
Description: Welcome to Wow Kidz Comedy! This is a space for all comedy lovers of Motu Patlu, Bablu Dablu & so on!

Kids Channel India - Hindi Rhymes and Baby Songs

Subscribers: 891,018
Joined Date: Joined Feb 16, 2017
Views: 139,788,052 views
Description: Watch our latest kids songs and nursery rhymes collection LIVE! These Hindi Rhyme videos are sure to delight your Children. These collections of popular Hindi Rhymes are presented by Kids Channel India. Let us enjoy this live Children Hindi Rhyme with catchy music will attract even babies and adult alike. 

Rhymes for Super Kids

Subscribers: 1,333,318
Joined Date: Joined May 6, 2016
Views: 356,813,963 views
Description: Learn Kids rhymes with latest Rhymes Finger Family Wild Animals Names and Sounds Farm animals Names and Sounds Abcd and many more Rhymes. A good channel for your children to learn more rhymes.Rhymes for Super  kids nursery rhymes makes kids to enjoy,sing,dance to the foot tapping awesome music and engaging animations.Finger Family Rhyme is a combination of great music and colorful visuals lets even parents to have fun along with their children. Finger Family Rhyme contain original classic tune which helps to relate easily of kids and adults. Finger Family nursery rhymes and kids learning videos makes your home a kindergarten letting your child to learn and have fun at the same time.

Hindi Fairy Tales

Subscribers: 750,614
Joined Date: Joined Jun 6, 2016
Views: 237,144,489 views

Videogyan Kids Shows - Cartoon Animation For Kids

Subscribers: 1,496,046
Joined Date: Joined Aug 25, 2016
Views: 787,125,161 views
Description: Videogyan now brings you all new episodes for kids. Starting from cartoon videos for children and fun kids shows, we have different animated series for you! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe Now to stay updated Zool Babies, Minnu-Mintu, Timboo-Tusker- the names ring a bell? It does, right? Well, till today you have heard them sing and dance to the lovely songs and rhymes that Videogyan had been churning out. But now, it’s a little time for adventure. The place? The vast wonderful world of VG World! Excited kids? Then hop on with us as you see Zool Babies playing different sports or Mintu unravelling the wonders of the world with Minnu! After all, it’s going to be a lot of fun! Our mission is to entertain. And educate. But as we have always done, it is through simplicity that we prefer to achieve that. After all, it is not everywhere that you find “Gyan” and “Fun” walking hand in hand!

Kids TV India Hindi Nursery Rhymes

Subscribers: 1,434,958
Joined Date: Joined Nov 17, 2014
Views: 485,847,064 views
Description:We at Kids TV India Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs make sure that your little kids who need to get educated in their primary state of mind get their lessons with fun! Here we love to showcase all amazing, entertaining and wonderful 2d and 3d nursery rhymes and kids songs in Hindi and in English. Children now can rejoice watching and listening to all the popular Hindi baby rhymes like Chanda Mama, Nani Teri Morni, Chal Mere Ghode, Machali Jal Ki Rani and much more! We promise to make your baby's learning journey way more interesting and educative! Subscribe to Kids Tv India to only find out all the famous kids songs and popular Hindi and English nursery rhymes!

Wow Kidz Action

Subscribers: 696,602
Joined Date: Joined Nov 8, 2017
Views: 237,916,447 views
Description: Meet and greet your favorite heroes - VIR: The Robot Boy, Gattu: The Power Champ, HotWheels , RollBots and many more popular shows. Subscribe for new videos every day. From the house of Cosmos Maya, our aim is to make every kid have fun and get entertained.

Kids comic tv

Subscribers: 288,382
Joined Date: Joined Apr 23, 2016
Views: 110,259,077 views
Description: Welcome to the "Kids comic tv", Our channel is most useful to Children. Because, we providing to Kids most popular nursery rhymes, ("Finger Family Rhymes", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Rain Rain Go Away" Etc.). There is Color full backgrounds, funny animations, Cute cartoon characters and much more, so children interested to watching and learning easy, and develop skills. So keep watching our videos, Hope you guys stay with me and click the subscribe button for more content.

Jugnu Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Subscribers: 2,224,236
Joined Date: Joined Jun 27, 2015
Views: 970,911,721 views
Description: Jugnu Kids is about kids and their all around growth with best collection of nursery rhymes like wheels on the bus, johny johny yes papa, happy birthday songs, abc learning. Jugnu Kids is a YouTube channels for small Kids and preschoolers, we share kids rhymes which are 3D animated and designed to give your kids best and enjoyable learning with Coolest characters Bobo, Lily, Adi and More Animal Characters. Here kids can enjoy and Learn English Rhymes, Hindi Rhymes and kindergarten songs with popular nursery rhymes.

LIV Kids Hindi

Subscribers: 843,990
Joined Date: Joined Sep 6, 2016
Views: 440,721,923 views
Description: LIV Kids HIndi is an entertainment channel for Kids. Popular shows like Balveer, jeannie aur juju, Gopal Bhar, Nut Bolt, Nix all episodes available for free! 

Colors Fun Kids TV

Joined Date: Joined Oct 1, 2016
Views: 295,627,180 views
Description: Colors Fun Kids TV is a destination where learning becomes fun. A one stop solution for toddlers to learn their favorite rhymes and phonics songs. Here Maruti & his friends would entertain kids with catchy moves and beats as well as help them memories rhymes with ease. Hope you enjoy watching our videos.

ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Toys

Subscribers: 4,101,685
Joined Date: Joined Mar 24, 2015
Views: 2,254,984,431 views
Description: Lots of fun and discovery for your little ones with the colorful ChuChuTV Surprise eggs. Our videos will make your kids learn, sing, dance and enjoy with ChuChuTV Surprise eggs. 

Jingle Toons

Subscribers: 4,017,979
Joined Date: Joined Jan 23, 2013
Views: 1,486,459,475 views
Description: Established in 2002, today Jingle Toons is one of the prominent animation studios in India, widely recognized for it's high quality content in the field of entertainment as well as education for children. Jingle Toons originated out of a comprehension that in the rush of all the western cartoon shows crowding the television, today's Indian children need genuine entertainment that will also bestow the eternal values of Indian culture. Jingle Toons has ardently followed this idea over it's journey of growing from a small animation studio to a well known brand.

Videogyan 3D Rhymes - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Subscribers:  5,879,348
Joined Date: Joined Aug 26, 2011
Views:  4,724,597,498 views
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Description:  Videogyan produces HD animation videos such as Kid’s Nursery Rhymes. We have recently launched 3D rhymes & 3D animation songs to make learning fun for Nursery children. Apart from this, we have numerous 2D videos of nursery songs & baby rhymes for toddlers & pre-schoolers. Videogyan's popular songs for children have fans all over the kindergarten kids and preschool children.