How To DO Swiss Ball Plank Exercise | Swiss Ball Plank

Swiss Ball Plank 

With your feet on the ground, put your elbows on a Swiss ball. Raise your hips off the ground framing a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Prop your abs and press your glutes. Hold this situation for the suggested measure of time. 

Swiss Ball Plank with Feet on 

Stoop before a seat and place your elbows about shoulder-width separated on a Swiss ball. Brace your center and place your feet on the seat behind you, maneuvering your body up into a board. Ensure your body is in a straight line from your make a beeline for your foot sole areas. Hold for wanted measure of time. 

Swiss Ball Side Plank 

Lie on the floor on one side, setting your lower arm on a Swiss ball with your shoulder specifically over your elbow. Place your contrary hand on your hip and completely broaden your legs, putting one foot around two feet before the other.Brace your center and raise your legs and hips so your body shapes a straight line. Hold the situation for the recommended time, at that point bring down your hips to the beginning position. 

Swiss Ball Plank Leg Lift 

Start in a push-up position with the back of your lower arms supported against a steadiness ball, hands fastened, and tucked underneath your button. Legs ought to be totally stretched out behind you with feet marginally more extensive than bear width. You body will frame a straight line from your make a beeline for your heels. Brace center, lift one leg off the ground, hold quickly, and come back to beginning position. Keep lifting same leg until the point that all reps are finished. At that point switch legs. 

Board with Feet on Swiss Ball 

Begin in a low board position with your lower arms on the floor and your feet and shins on a Swiss ball. Your body should frame a straight line from your shoulders to your lower legs. Hold this position.