Standing Wide-Leg Calms the Mind and Stretches the Hamstrings | Prasarita Padotanasana

Focus: Flexibility, MobilityBody Parts Involved: Legs, BackEquipment: No EquipmentSanskrit Name: Prasarita Padotanasana

Start in a remaining forward overlap with your hands before you on the ground.Heel-toe your feet wide separated, calling attention to toes out so your hips are open.Bend your knees, discharging your hips toward the ground, drifting above it at whatever stature feels bravo. Keep your knees in-accordance with your lower legs. Take your elbows within your thighs, daintily squeezing them out, and set up your hands together like a supplication at the focal point of chest. Keep your spine long. Inhale here for no less than three full breaths.