40+ Honey Uses That Are Beneficial For Your Health and Skin

Honey is one of the most important for our health, diet, skin and other purposes. It is the best remedy used for our thousands of years.

Honey for Cold

Honey was one of the first cures and was used quite extensively as far back as the Roman days. It is an antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial that also aids in fast skin and sore repair. To make peppermint herbal honey, just fill a small canning jar with the leaves torn into bits. Pour raw honey over the leaves and stir gently to soak them. Fill the jar with raw honey, cap it tightly and set it on your counter to infuse for 2-6 weeks. Stir or turn the jar over every day. You can start using it within a day or two, but as it infuses over time it will become more medicinal. To use it, just put 1 tablespoon of the honey in a cup and pour boiling water over to make a delicious tea. Honey never goes bad because no bacterial and virus can survive in it. It attacks all pathogens and aids the mending procedure.

Honey for Acne

Honey is basically a natural moisturizer. It helps draw and lock in moisture to the skin which helps it stay hydrated, and hydrated skin heals faster. Honey has been reported to be very effective in reducing acne symptoms. It can also be used as a remedy for acne. Honey also has a soothing effect on the skin. And honey is not expensive and doesn't have negative side effects. Manuka honey is considered as one of the best in its categories. It has several antibacterial compounds that can help deal with skin conditions effectively. Just apply honey on your face and have it there for at least 30 minutes. Also, you can mix the honey with some lime juice lemon juice. Another thing that you can do is make a mask made of honey and blended peel of an orange. This is a very effective mixture. If you want, you can make a mixture of honey and oatmeal to scrub your face.

Honey for Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is among the most common skin problems of both men and women. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water with a little amount of honey. Drink this mixture early in the morning to get rid of cellulite. To take it orally, you need to mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a medium sized glass of water and then adding a dash of honey.

Honey for Rashes

Natural ingredients such as Extrapone Nutgrass, CynergyTK, and Manuka honey work better because they will help soothe irritated skin. The key in using honey moisturizer is using the right type to ensure its level of purity and therefore, healing properties. Honey is a type of natural humectant, which means for people with dry skin, it can produce incredible results. One way to heal your skin rash is by applying raw honey over your infected skin. Leave the honey for at least 15 minutes and let the magical ingredients of raw honey to do their astonishing job of healing and revitalizing your Eczema skin. Honey is a natural product produced by bees and is a good source of a number of essential elements. It is good for health so must be included in the diet.

Honey for Shingles

Shingles are caused due to the viral infection of Varicella zoster. Apply a mixture of aloe vera gel, raw honey and leek juice on the rashes. This with reduce the pain and help in the drying of the scars. Mixing aloe vera and raw honey together and applying to the rash promotes healing, and helps to reduce pain and itching. Shingles may afflict people even when they are past sixty or seventy, obviously decades after its occurrence as chicken pox which quite often disappears on its own- without any treatment.

Honey for Sinus Drainage

A tea made with lemon and honey is a popular recipe to reduce the symptoms or you can make chicken soup which is an age-old recipe.

Honey for Sore Throat

Sore throat is the state of inflammation and pain in the throat. Inflammation can be of the pharynx, larynx or the tonsils. Two tablespoon sesame oil may be mixed with one tablespoon honey. The mixture is to be taken thrice a day or another one is a simple home remedy is a solution made by combining unfiltered apple cider vinegar, honey, and warm water. To prepare, add one spoonful of apple cider vinegar, and one spoonful of honey to a mug of warm water. Gargle with the mixture as many times as necessary.

Honey for Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne can be stubborn because when overactive oil glands produce oil, dirt and bacteria also get trapped and clog your pores causing breakouts. The main problem is controlling your hormones levels and reducing your skins oil production.Honey and cinnamon is also very effective and ice rubbed onto acne can help too. Honey contains excellent anti-bacteria and healing properties. This natural substance is all the while used as treatment for wounds and skin problems.

Honey for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects over 80% of adults at some stage. Lower back pain can be a debilitating condition that stops you enjoying life. Diagnose lower back pain with care. Glucose and honey in the morning is also another effective remedy.

Honey for Blackheads

Blackhead is a common skin problem. Blackheads occur as tiny bumps on the skin when the pores of the skin are clogged. Pick yourself up a bottle of organic honey in the organic/natural section of your local grocery store or organic goods market. Smear some on your blackheads, let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse it off. Another Remedy is One may apply warm honey on blackheads, leave it for 10 minutes. This softens the deposits on the pores and allows easy removal. Honey is not only good for its taste but it is also good for treating acne. You can warm some honey to a comfortable temperature and spread it in an even layer over your skin. Leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes then wash it off.

Honey for Stomach Aches

There can be so many reasons for stomach or abdomen ache. These can be gall stones, ulcers, stress, overeating, etc. Having improperly cooked food too can cause trouble to the digestive system. Lemon tea with honey is known to be very effective in the case of gas. Ginger works best sweetened with honey. A little honey or sugar added to the tea will benefit you as well.

Honey for Peptic Ulcer

A peptic ulcer is caused due to the erosion of the inner lining of the stomach. A peptic ulcer is mainly caused by the consumption of too much alcohol, tea or coffee, spicy foods, smoking, and hyperacidity. Active raw honey is also an excellent remedy for curing peptic ulcer. Honey used in this form heals and strengthens the stomach lining while killing ulcer-causing bacteria. Take 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey every day. This remedy has the capacity to heal and strengthen the lining of the stomach and to kill the bacteria that lead to an ulcer.

Honey for Healing Cuts or Wounds

Manuka honey is available in a jar, as a wound-care dressing, in cough medicine, in lozenges and beauty products. Honey could be called the king of remedies because it is a very popular remedy in the east. Research shows that honey does have healing powers. Specifically, it can repair damaged tissue like the lower esophageal sphincter. The anti-aging benefits come in because active manuka honey is able to help your body create more collagen and strengthen it.

Honey for Baby Cold

Baby under one year should not be fed honey or any honey product as it has the risk of infant botulism. Infant botulism is a kind of food poisoning which can results in death as the baby under this age does not have a matured digestive system. Honey and lemon juice for sore throat. Usually, your kids tend to be so excited and shout a lot especially if their cousins come over and all they do is play.

Honey for Acid Reflux

If you prefer a sweetener, add a little honey for acid reflux relief. You may also wish to use honey to mix with the liquid form to incorporate the benefits of honey too. Honey has long been known for fighting bacteria, blocking infections, combating inflammation and improving circulation to affected areas. Acid reflux can be treated using different approaches. You can do this by sucking on a teaspoon of honey 3 times per day. Honey has natural healing qualities that can help the tissue of the LES to heal itself naturally. Make sure to suck on honey right before going to bed.

Honey for Anemia

Honey is an excellent producer of hemoglobin. With its high content of iron, copper, and manganese, honey should be regarded as a 'must have' for anyone suffering from anemia. A mixture of lemon, honey, and apple cider vinegar may be taken every morning in empty stomach. This is an effective home remedy for anemia.

Honey for Chubby Cheeks

Having chubby cheeks is an unfortunate physical trait that many of us share. It is very much advised that you do some cardiac exercise like walking, thus, burning fats on your whole body. Of course, eating is not the only important part of any successful weight loss program. Honey is best for Chubby Cheeks. 

Honey for Constipation

Constipation is a painful and uncomfortable feeling, especially for children. Add 3 grams of green tea leaves and a tablespoon of honey to a mug of hot water. Wait several minutes. Drink warm after meals. Moistens the intestines and frees the stools. Particularly suitable for constipation in the elderly and constipation after childbirth.Or Mix one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lemon juice and consume it early in the morning. You can also consume 2-3 teaspoon of honey twice or thrice a day. Similar to molasses, honey is one of the mildest, yet still effective, home remedies for constipation. Honey can be taken either straight off a spoon, or it can be mixed into a warm drink such as tea or warm water.

Honey for Cough

Cough is an irritating health problem that could surely stop you from doing things that you do. Mix equal amount of honey and lemongrass juice then drink to reduce the coughs. Orally taking a teaspoon full of honey, topped with a few drops of either brandy or vodka prior to bedtime.

Honey for Cystic Acne

Cystic acne, as sufferers will confirm, is the most severe form of acne. Natural remedies for cystic acne are a safe and effective alternative to over the counter and prescription medications. Both Lemon and honey have natural antibacterial properties and can help add moisture to your skin. Honey and Cinnamon two mixed together can create a topical treatment. Or Make a paste with ground aspirin and water and use this to exfoliate the affected areas. After rinsing with warm water apply honey directly onto the exfoliated skin, not only will the honey act as a moisturizer it doubles as an antibacterial agent to fend off the bacteria that form the cysts.

Honey for Dry Lips

Our lips are one of the first things people see when they look at us. Look for lip balms with SPF protection, vitamin E, botanicals, honey and/or beeswax. You could try is taking a bit of honey and Vaseline; apply the combination to your chapped lips for about ten minutes then rinse it off with a towel or cotton ball.

Honey for Eye Infections

Beautiful eyes are the first thing that one notices in your look. It counts much if you take proper care of them and make it shine with your inner self-confidence. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of yogurt and apply. Honey has anti-infection properties and is an antiseptic. Curd cools the inflammation.

Honey for Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines can take up residence in the various areas of your body as you get older. Try using a mask made up of pearl powder and honey. Just mix about a pinch of pearl powder with a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask on your skin. Pearl powder contains keratin that can regenerate more collagen. Honey has moisturizing properties. It can deeply nourish the dermis or Try mixing papaya juice and honey. Apply it around the eye area. Let it stay there for about an hour.

Honey for Laryngitis

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx due to overuse, irritation or infection. It causes a hoarse voice or complete loss of the voice. Make a mixture of honey and lemon and gargle it Or Mix equal amounts of honey and lemon juice, plus a pinch of cayenne pepper. Suck on about a tablespoon of this mixture several times a day, or as often as you deem necessary. Honey and lemon lozenges are very good as methods of dealing with the problem.

Honey for Pink Eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a very contagious disease that can either be caused by a virus or a bacterium. The best thing you can do is to put one or two drops of honey directly in the affected eye. Dilute the honey with a little water if necessary. Honey is therapeutic as it provides immediate enzymes and vitamins to the affected area of the eye.

Honey for Staph infection

Staph infections of the skin are very common. If the infection is on your face, the use of a Deep Moisturizing Mask will provide relief from the symptoms and speed healing. The mask to be effective should contain active manuka honey and a natural anti-inflammatory called Functional Keratin. Active manuka honey is one of the better natural antibacterial agents. You can find it in our recommended age defense body lotion.

Honey for Smooth Skin or Aging Skin

The idea of using honey to make skin look younger might seem strange, yet tests show that this is true. Honey is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients and has such hidden characteristics that shall take you by wonder. So, it keeps our skin healthy and safe from all kinds of germs. It also has antioxidant properties which help in protecting the skin from the damage caused by the sun and free radicals.

Honey for Sun Burn

Active manuka honey is effectively healing, rejuvenating and great to repair sun damaged skin. Manuka honey contains moisturizing properties that can keep your skin hydrated for a longer period of time. This moisturizer also contains more nutrients.

Honey for Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common chronic illness among seniors and often leads to other forms of heart disease. Drink a mixture of 2 spoons of onion juice and 2 spoons of honey, twice a day.