How to Use Google Keyword Planner in 2018

What is the Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that lets you quickly find keywords related to any topic/Niche.

You can find out not only the keyword but also how often the keyword is searched throughout the month, but you should know one thing that this tool is designed keeping in mind AdWords Adwords. This tool has bidding features that you do not mean.

Before using Google Keyword Planner, you have to create your account.

How do I create an account in Google Keyword Planner?

You must have a Google Adwords Account to use Google Keyword Planner. If you already have one, you can easily find the keyword planner in the account.

Google Keyword Planner will be opened in Google's address bar, and a page will open to you.

Google Webmaster Tools

You click on the top link. This page will open when clicked.
1.Google Keyword Planner sign up.
2. Now, click on "Start now" an option below.
3. You will find two options at the top right hand there, a sign-up and a create account. Click on Create Account. This page will open when clicked.
4. Enter an email address in the first box and enter the URL of your website in the other. URL will be something like this {}. Then click on yes and no to no. Your account is created.

How to keyword research from Google Keyword Planner?

1. Now you log in to Google Adwords Account. Then click on the above tools option, you will see the choice of the keyword planner. Click on that option.

2. Then a page will open something like this where there are some options.

3. Click on {search for new keywords, a website, or category} at the top and type keyword here, suppose you want to know the keywords of Yoga.

4. Do not write "Yoga" at the top, write a few individual rows associated with yoga {long tail keywords}, what is Yoga like? What are the advantages of yoga? I am saying that because if I write yoga, the most competing keywords in Yoga will come in the list which will be very difficult to get on the first page of google.

5. Then write your website's URL in the next {your landing page}. By the way, this option is meant for those who use Adwords, but you can get very good keywords by putting a link to your site.

6. The next option is {your product category} l This allows you to find keywords that you might miss without it. In this, you have to type in the keyword category as Yoga is in the health category.

7. After filling all the three options, the turnaround of the Targeting audience. In the Targeting option, you have to write first that the name of the country you are targeting like India or America or China or Australia, etc.

If you are targeting the whole world, then let the first remain empty. In another option, write language like Hindi or English or Bengali or Marathi, etc. If you are targeting China, then write Chinese in the language. Next, there is the "negative keywords" option. This is for Adwords lovers, leave it empty.