How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Website

Links that do not exist or show an error, such as 404 not found error, are known as broken links. In other words, broken links are called broken links that are no longer employed for work. In the past, you may have connected a page of any website to your blog articles, but later that page will be removed from the website. By doing this, the link in your blog post is going to be a broken link. 

Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on this link, it is going to get an error of 404 Not Found, or there will be a mistake in the website not found. This doesn't affect people only. When search engine bots also get a broken connection, they also receive a 404 error. Seen from the search engine optimization point of view, they put a negative influence on your website. 

If a site encounters many broken links, then it is known as"Link Rot".

The Way to fix Broken Links in WordPress? 

For any blog, this plugin is one of the best plugins to fix broken links and re-directions quickly. This can be helpful when you clean up your own WordPress website. This is a totally free tool for WordPress. This plugin finds all of your broken links and provides a whole lot of alternatives to fix them. This plugin checks every single URL in your WordPress blog and gives you a comprehensive report of broken and redirected links.

How to install WordPress plugins? 

First, download and install this plugin into your WordPress blog. 

Activate this plugin then click on Tools> Broken Links. 

Before this plugin begins checking on broken and redirected links on your site, this is going to take a while. You can always check the status of it on your WordPress dashboard. 

Together with your broken hyperlinks, it also shows the status code combined with it, which means you'll have the ability to learn that you have to unlink this connection, update it or take some action relating to it. I'll advise you to work on upgrading links instead of just unlinking them.

If you have a huge site that has tens of thousands of links that are broken, it'd be better if you get rid of such 404 links immediately. It is possible to configure many more settings aside from this.

I will recommend you visit"Look For Links In" and assess the remarks section. 

In case your server is underpowered or overpowered, you can even place your"Server Load Limit" in the Advanced Tab. 

And in the"General" Tab, you can prevent search engine bots from after your broken links.

Broken links found, what to do next? 

After running this plugin for a couple of hours, you'll get some broken links.

For comments, you can choose"Unlink" in the dropdown by selecting all those links. 

For blog articles, I highly recommend that you update the URL to unlink only. This will keep the quality of your original post. 

The fascinating feature of this plugin would be to find and fix redirections. 

Following a very long time, people change their domain names and receive redirection on the domain names. 

Broken Link Checker plugin checks all these redirections, and only one click, you can update or resolve all of the redirected links.