How to Get High-Quality Backlinks With the TRUST Formula

The formula below is one I’ve used once more and once more to choose up high-quality backlinks from authority sites:
1.Trending topic
2.Research and analysis
3.Unique (unusual, or unexpected) takeaway
4.Simple visual
5.Tactical promotion

Yup, I decide it the TRUST formula… moreover, it will do precisely what it says on the tin!

Here’s however it works.

Step 1: Realize a Trending Topic associated with Your Niche

Google Alerts could be a free tool provided by Google, that sends email alerts on to your mailbox supported specific keywords that you've got offered. The mail would come with information on the first popular queries being searched by local visitors everywhere in the world.

Step 2: Realize Some fascinating information associated with Your Topic/Niche.

There area unit many places to urge free information on the online. The trick is to require that information, analyze it, and realize a novel insight.

BuzzSumo offers a staggeringly valuable resource for understanding what items of content area unit fashionable and why. With the Question analyzer tool, the eye is turned toward emergence queries that area unit being asked concerning specific topics. These queries typically represent topics that we should always be responsive ourselves among our content.

Punch in any of your main topics and watch as Question analyzer compares your question against Quora, Reddit, forums and a lot of.

Step 3: Write the Eye-Catching Headline

A title is that the very first thing your reader can see, however, it's typically the last item an author creates. It's one factor to put in writing excellent content. However, it's another factor to urge it scan and graded -- that is wherever nailing the title comes in. 

Titles area unit what sell the content. They represent it in search engines, in an email, and on social media. It's no surprise, then, that a number of the first common queries we tend to get concern crafting titles.

Step 4: Making Your Content Visual

Now we have a trending topic, fascinating information, and a cool takeaway. It’s time to show it into a straightforward visual. There area unit variety of tools obtainable on-line for making infographics, maps, and visuals.

Step 5: Plan of Action Promotion

Now for the essential half. No purpose in making cool content if no-one ever gets to check it right?

So what’s the plan?

First up, I might advocate obtaining a small amount of social traction before you start email reaching.

You might need to:

• Submit your content to a relevant sub reddit
• Run some FB ads
• Submit to StumbleUpon
• Share in your different social channels (Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)

If you’re fortunate, your graphic can go crazy, get tens of thousands of views, and develop links underneath its own steam.


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