How to Protect Your Website from Being Hacked

1. Regular Updates

You have to use the WordPress plugin for Security as well as the proper WordPress plugin.If you have any other updates to plugins, please do not forget to update your WordPress version so that you will not get any attack on the site.

2. A Reliable Hosting

If you have a WordPress Self-Hosted platform, you have to make sure that you have the best hosting for your WordPress site, it is essential for you to have a good hosting for your website.

These are the best hosting provider for the world:-
1. Hostgator
2. BlueHost
3. NameCheap

If you want to know more about these three hostings then, please go ahead to their official websites.

3. Use Email as a Login Username and a Complicated Password

Use your e-mail address as username, but if you use the name you want to use, you can use your name, and you can use email address also that has been saved.You can also use your online password generator to generate a secure password for the WordPress website because it is safe for your WordPress site password.Online Password Generator tools allow you to generate a password, upper and lowercase, numbers, special characters, etc. mixed well, which makes your password very Strong and secure.

4. Hide Your Login URL

The WordPress website opens the login page to wp-login.php, which is redirected to the wp-admin page, you can not access any of the current pages, but you have to log in to your WordPress login URL

5. Monitor Your Files

Regularly make changes to the files in your website. Plugins such as WordFence allow files to evaluate and detect any suspicious changes. If you want to check the changes to files in your website, WordFence can also use plugins for your plug-in that changes the information you make to me,

6. Create Backups on a Regular Basis

Do not share your site with your hackers, and you have to make a word of some sort of error in the WordPress so that your site does not have any plugins installed, so please do not install any other site. If you don’t want to lose your WordPress data, please note that the take your website's backup on a regular basis.

7. Remove the WP Version Number

Experienced users can track your version of the WordPress version number, and you can search the site for a few minutes to access your website. Please remove the WordPress version of your application or use any of the tags,

8. Use SSL Certificate For WordPress

It is possible to send all the information of the site to the encrypted server that has been encrypted, and if the hacker is unable to access any of the data. HTTPS is a protocol used to provide security over the Internet. HTTPS guarantees that users are talking to the server they expect and that nobody else can intercept or change the content they see in transit.