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The National University of Cordoba is the oldest university in Argentina. Here are ten reasons why you should study at the National University of Cordoba.

Why? That is a good question. There are ten reasons why the National University of Cordoba is an excellent institution:

1. Diversity

If something I can assure you of your university experience in the National University of Cordoba, is that you will find great variety among your classmates and professors. You can sit in class and have a girl of your age sitting on your left, and on your right a woman who has already had six children but has not yet quenched her thirst for learning and has decided to return to university.
You will have companions of all kinds of social classes, ages, opinions, religions and situation in life. You will have vocation teachers, young teachers, old teachers, professors belonging to different political parties. The university is like a small world in itself, and there is no better preparation for life than dialogue and exposure to people other than one.

2. It is an Economic Option

The fee to attend the National University of Cordoba is exactly $ 0. The only expenses that are generated attend are the notes and transportation, and even for them there are several scholarships. If your schedules force you to have lunch in the vicinity of the university, there is the University Dining Room , which prepares menus with some type of meat, fruit, vegetables and bread (and a vegetarian option once a week) for only $ 4.
There are cultural and recreational options that allow you to practice sports for free or for a very low cost. If you do not have enough money, the National University of Córdoba is ideal.

3. Freedom

The National University of Córdoba offers various options to accommodate your study as it suits you. In most cases, you have the option of choosing the morning, afternoon or evening shifts, and you can even mix the shifts and take some classes in the morning and others in the afternoon.

Although there is a suggested curriculum for each year, you can do fewer subjects than you would expect if you do not have too much time to study, or, on the contrary, take advantage of the number of exam shifts available to complete free years and receive more Quick. In addition, there are four types of courses that you can use in your favor and adapt them to your circumstances.

4. Educational Quality

This list places the UNC as the third best university in Argentina after the UBA and the Argentine Catholic University. This makes it the best university in the city and the region.

Without going too far, my faculty (the School of Languages) was the first in Latin America to sign an agreement with the UN to become an official institution of instruction for translators and interpreters.

Only a Spanish-speaking university had this agreement before my faculty: The prestigious University of Salamanca, with which my faculty has an agreement to make exchanges between students. Great politicians, scientists, artists and thinkers have left its doors.

5. History

Last year, the UNC turned 400 years old. It is no less, than the oldest university in South America. He is less than a hundred years younger than the oldest city in Argentina, Santiago del Estero, and is twenty-eight years older than Harvard.

Some of its buildings (such as the general library, the most important seat of the Faculty of Law or the Monserrat School, which depends on it) are found in the Jesuit block, one of the most historical places in the city. From Cordoba. The National University of Córdoba has played a very important role in the history of the city and has remained firm, imposing and immovable during all its evolutionary periods.

6. Facilities

If someone asked you exactly where the National University of Córdoba is, it would not be easy to give a clear answer to that question (except, of course, that the question becomes more specific and you are asked about one of the faculties in particular).

The university has more than twenty buildings distributed throughout the city. Each faculty has its own library, which also includes the general library that provides a study space, consultation machines and bibliography for all students. In addition, the university is responsible for a number of museums and activities for the general public (such as extension courses or conferences open to all). It has the facilities that each career requires, such as laboratories, and has modern facilities such as multimedia classrooms and interactive whiteboards at your disposal.

7. It Is Inclusive

Recently, the university has approved a charter that will allow students to choose their own gender in their student notebooks and lunch cards. It tries to provide services that allow women with children to continue their studies and promotes the entry and stay of young people from indigenous peoples. No matter whom you are and what your characteristics are, you can be sure that the university will always be open to you, as long as your mind is thirsty for knowledge.

8. The City

Córdoba is, par excellence, the student city of Argentina. A whole neighborhood (Nueva Córdoba) is made up of a large majority of students who moved from all parts of Argentina and neighboring countries, and local entrepreneurs knew how to take advantage of opening night entertainment facilities specially designed for the budget and enjoyment of students.

Wherever you see there will be a photocopier, a stationery store. The entire city seems committed to the vicissitudes of university life. What better way to accompany you at this stage of your life?

9. The Possibility of Being a Teaching Assistant

This is also possible in any public university in Argentina, but in the UBA, for example, these positions are more difficult to access.

For those who do not know, the assistant chairs are students who studied the subject the previous year and who performed so well that the teacher called them to go to next year's classes to help in all kinds of things, from making photocopies to correct the tasks and dictate a portion of the classes.

I did two last year and I'm doing two this year, and it's a unique and very good experience for my education. I had (and I have) the opportunity to approach certain subjects with new eyes, already without the pressure to approve but simply to listen to what the teacher has to say, refresh the memory and perhaps learn some detail that did not remain for me from last year.

Most assistants have quality internship and do not pay for your work; however, at the end of the year the teacher makes a report on your performance, which is good for your curriculum. The fact that there is the possibility of acquiring some work experience within what is university teaching in an easy and accessible way is something very good about the UNC.

10. It offers you the Possibility to Explore your Interests

A little known fact about the UNC is that it allows you to take classes as a vocational student , that is, it gives you the opportunity to attend some kind of a career that you are not studying (or even a career that you already received) for the only one fact that you are interested in the area.

In addition, there is a large number of extension courses open to the community of languages, arts and other disciplines, and professors of various chairs and faculties prepare general interest lectures open to the public free of charge. If you know where to look, there is no excuse why an interest of yours that is not related to your career has to be left unexplored.

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