10 Things To Look In Indian Wedding Cards Designers

There are a lot of things that you look forward to in your Indian wedding cards. How to ensure that you get all that you’re seeking for? The only way is to avail the services of best designers for Indian wedding cards.

Here’s the list of the things to look for in the designer for : 

A digital-savvy with E- Indian wedding invites and an expert with traditional wedding cards too

We live in an era where digital wedding cards have outweighed the traditional indian wedding invitations. Yet so many people prefer the traditional invites over e-wedding cards.  In this era, you probably need your wedding card designer to be proficient in both digital techniques as well as conventional printing methods. You can discuss with all you want in your wedding cards and they can suggest you which is the better option of the two. Also, their proficiency in both can help you in incorporating the absolute excellence in your wedding cards.

Expert in portraying the theme in Indian wedding cards

It’s not just about the design or the colors, your wedding cards should reflect the enchanting theme of the wedding. The designer of indian wedding invitations should incorporate your vision in a beautifully themed wedding invitation. For instance, you are planning to arrange a beach wedding and your invite should follow the mood of all “cool and casual”. The wedding cards designer can use simple floral print designs mixed with little suggestible gifts like macrons to give a beautiful beach wedding theme. A good designer will incorporate all you want, a great designer suggest you something to surpass all expectations.

Should know the colors and different shades of indian wedding invitations

While every other wedding card designer suggests you the usual colors used in wedding cards. Undoubtedly they are all vibrant and connote joyous celebration of wedding well. But what you are looking for is something different. The ideal Designer of Indian wedding cards will suggest you some colored themes or color pairings that reflects your personalities.  Aligning the personality of both of you in colors and designs, they will suggest you something more “tailored” with your flair in it. You should look for designers not following the “mainstream” but has out of the box ideas for everything including colors.

Offer extras with wedding invites

A little extra is always appreciated. There are a lot of things that are coupled with wedding cards like name tags, or envelopes. You should look for the designers that offer you a couple of extras with all these. For instance, wedding stationery also include thank you notes which can be the “extra’s offered along with wedding cards”.

Should ensure on-time delivery

One of the essential things to look for in wedding cards designer is their delivery timelines. You don’t want to be late in sending your paper invites. Even you don’t want to send your e-Indian wedding cards at the very last minute. You have to ensure that your designer for Indian wedding cards should deliver the invites on time. By time, we mean you have enough time to make some changes if it is required. Also look for wedding cards designer that can come up with some ideal solutions in case of problems and emergencies.

Know about religious wedding invites

If you are someone who is planning to have a traditional Indian wedding, your wedding card should connote no different. Indian wedding cards have certain elementary inclusions which possess religious significance. For instance, Hindu wedding cards always have the image of Lord Ganesha or its motif or any of its religious verses. Muslim wedding invites have the sign of Bismillah. Christian wedding cards usually are simple and preferably have a modern flair in them. It’s essential for wedding cards designer to be versed with your faith wedding cards and its elements. It seems to be quite obvious that designers should have an understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t as per your faith learning.

Should offer services under your budget

Another thing is to look for designers serving you the best under your budget. You should see the deliverable they are offering and the value they are asking in respect of it. You should look for the designer that suits your budget. After all, you should be rational when it comes to the budget for weddings instead of being a spendthrift.

Should be patient and friendly

Apart from expertise in designing the best Indian wedding cards, there are some other character traits too to look at your wedding card designer. The first among them is patience. Of course, as someone who has to deal with a lot of people in person, it should be something that a designer possesses in abundance. Patience is also required to deal with people very particular about what they want. Friendly nature, understanding and artistic in designing, adds up to the perfect designer    of Indian wedding cards you are looking for.

Should be tuned into your idiosyncratic style

Adaptability when it comes to designing is something everyone appreciates. Like every individual, the way they perceive things differs, and most of the times, what couples look forward to is something unique which goes well with their personality. For instance, a wedding card designer can have a couple looking for some bohemian touches in their wedding cards like floral abstract, some hippie signs and more. And he can have a couple looking for something absolutely royal and classic. What we are trying to say is, look for the wedding cards designer who is tuned into your idiosyncratic style. 

Should know about the latest trends to incorporate in designing wedding cards

Another thing to look for in wedding designer is how versed he or she is when it comes to the latest trends.  A wedding card designer should know about the popular trends in Indian wedding invitations designs and themes. Also, they should know about the trending colors or designs or layouts that can make your wedding card more spectacular.

These are a few things that will help you in determining the best designer for your Indian wedding cards. It’s your wedding card; don’t settle for anything less the best.


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