5 Features That Your Real Estate App Must Have

The real estate industry is booming and growing at an intense speed. It has been one of the strongest pillars that are currently holding the economy. It has been estimated that more than one-fifth of the worldwide population is using the real estate apps to buy and sell properties. 

With such huge statics, it is not wrong to say that mobile apps have nicely made their place in the real estate industry. The days are gone when people used to wander around the different places on their hunt for the best property or house. Nowadays property searching on mobile apps have become very common.

These apps offer everything in just one click, be it the exact view of the property or the nearby attractions. The buyers just need to swipe or click their favorite property app on their smartphones to shop for their dream property or house. But, not all the apps impress the buyers and get added to their favorite app’s list. 

To help you easily get the property buyers or sellers attention, we present the five best features that your real estate app must have. Have a look!

Listing Options

Simplify your users’ work by providing the listing option to them. Let them view all the available properties or houses in the list format because this way they can easily compare the properties and make decisions efficiently. 

This feature comes among the top features that make your app an effective property app. It helps users for both purposes buying or selling. Allow them to have the best sneak peek at the properties that are soon going to hit the market.

3D Property View

Being the most innovative invention of technology 3D property views are extremely popular and is the best way to grab the thousands of users’ attention instantly. If you are planning to develop a property app then don’t forget to involve this amazing feature to your app. 

Offering 3D view of the entire property can instantly appeal to the numerous buyers but, make sure you also provide them with the required information of the property they are interested in. It will add more potential to your app and double the chances of getting increased traffic to your app.

Sorting & Favorite

While shorting feature lets the users sort the properties on the basis of “High to Low” or “Low to High” options, the favorite feature allows them to select and save the most-preferred properties for the future references. Both the features are highly essential for any effective real estate mobile app. 

These features can be used by the users for multiple purposes, for example, they can use the favorite feature to save the properties they like the most to their favorite list and also share that list with their family or friends. The shorting feature lets them filter their searches as per various segments like cities, locations, popularity, and prices. 

Map Feature

Make house hunting as easy as walking in the park for your clients with a map feature. This is the base feature and most effective tool of any real estate mobile app. Let them easily get the property locations and routes with an inbuilt map facility within the app.

If you look at some of the best international real estate app, you will get to know how to implement the map feature within your property app. Include finding the user’s current location in relation to help them with the best available properties. 

Photo Gallery

While presenting all the properties on the app, you must have a photo gallery within your app. Involve the high-quality photos of all the properties to your app. An effective photo gallery can help you enhance your user engagement and stay connected with your users for longer.

Users go through all the minor to major details before coming to any conclusion regarding the property hence, they expect to get the photos of the property from all the angles. A photo gallery is a feature that is extremely essential and can’t be avoided by any property app.  

By adding a gallery feature you can make the whole hectic process of buying property easier and smoother for both buyers and sellers. High-resolution photos and at-a-glance property details of every home not only make their choices clear but, also help them to make quick decisions. 


No matter whether your property app is going to launch or already launched, these features are equally essential for all because they play an important role in customer interaction and establishing trust.