6 Best Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Good Employees should always get something more than a pay check. They are to be rewarded with brownie points. These hardworking and self less employees are the real reason behind successful company. Employees will be motivated and encouraged to do well if they are given recognition and appreciated of their hard work and skills. Happy Employees brings prosperity to the business. Also if they are considered an invaluable part of our organisation they will work in the organisation like it’s their own organisation. So it is very important to timely reward and appreciate our employee’s efforts for proper functioning of our organisation. Thus, here we are with few gift ideas we can appreciate our employees with.

1. Gift Red Wine

If it’s a female employee, Red Wine is the key. Females loves Red Wine, they would thank you later for their wonderful Saturday night. Expensive Red wine or other such alcoholic drink is considered a classy as well as a thoughtful appreciation gift. One of the reasons because it can be used at home so one cannot show it off in front of other employees. Also Red Wine has some health benefits, thus it makes the best gift for women employees. For male counterparts you can gift a scotch or something personally admired by the employee. Purchase Wine online for exciting discounts and varieties.

2. Congratulations Flowers

A bunch of flowers never goes out of style; it can be offered for any occasion may it be a wedding gift or an employee appreciation with congratulations flowers gift. Flowers carry positive energy and influence the environment by increasing efficiency. This beautiful blooming bouquet would brighten the mood of employee and he would be motivated to work harder. Along with the flowers you can also give him a recognition certificate and stick his name on the notice board and congratulating him in front of the whole office. This would not only motivate him to do better but also other employees would be encouraged to see themselves on his place.

3. Professional Tie/Scarf

A Gentlemen Tie for men and a designer scarf for women would make a nice employee appreciation gift. If you have a dress code make sure it goes well with it. Employees can wear it to the office and show it off to other employees. Thus other employees would do better to get recognized and appreciated like them. You can send corporate flowers gift it along with a gift card of their favorite store.

4. Classy Watch

If you are rewarding the employee for the consistent performance of the whole year you can expand your budget and get him a classy a watch. A watch makes an amazing gift for both men and women. You can opt for unisex watch if the list of employees who are to be appreciated is not decided. You can gift them a formal watch so that they can even wear it to the office and help them be on time for work. You can get these expensive watches in affordable prices eliminating middlemen and directly buying from manufacturer.

5. Carry Suit-Case

Carry Suit-Case would be the idealist gifts who goes on frequent business trips and does a lot of paper work. These papers are of very high importance and so are to be protected well. The suit case helps in securing the papers and it would look stylish and leaves a wonderful first impression on the one our employee is dealing with. Some businessman judges the company by the appearance of employees and there this suit case would be of great help.

6. Eye Protection Glasses

Actually Sunglasses are the most common freebies given to the employees but they go to junk and are never worn by them due to its poor quality. You can get some nice expensive and good quality eye protection glasses that can be used by them and lasts for longer time. You can get different varieties of these eye protection glasses like formals and casuals which they could wear outside the office too.

Our business will flourish if we keep our employees happy and healthy. So keep these employees appreciation gift ideas in your mind next time you are rewarding them.