7 Best Things To Do in Nepal

It's natural for your own travellers to want to be aware of the things to do in Nepal beforehand if they're planning to go to Nepal. If folks think about Nepal, most of them believe Nepal are the state of mountains.
They also feel that Nepal is just a hiking destination. However, the stark reality is Nepal has so much more than trekking to provide to travellers while they are still here. It will be an unfair thing to call Nepal only a hiking destination but we know hiking in Nepal has overshadowed other attractions.

Trekking in Nepal: 

The individuality of Nepal in the world travel market is just as a hiking destination. It certainly had to be an obvious truth since tourism in Nepal started with mountaineering expeditions following the conquest of Mt. Everest in 1953. Before that moment, Nepal was an unidentified portion of the world to the majority of the planet population. As a matter of fact, hiking has a massive share in the Nepali tourism industry. Beautiful Himalayan peaks and other wonderful mountains of Nepal have been attracting hundreds of thousand trekkers from around the world each year. Check out the best Island Peak Climbing tour in Everest which is the most selling climbing tour of the world.

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Cultural Tour in Nepal: 

You will learn the fact, when you come here, that Nepal isn't only a hiking destination but also a great cultural hub. Although Nepal is a small country in place, its diverse nature and culture are incredibly rich. Nepal is home to numerous ethnicities that clinic a distinct culture, language, and lifestyle to one another. Indulging in the ethnic exploration in Nepal is one of the best travelling experiences. You will be able to know a lot of different cultural miracles in a small region and in a brief time period.

Adventure Activities in Nepal: 

In addition to cultural and trekking tour, Nepal offers incredible adventure activities to the travellers. It's possible to have the pleasure of flying like a bird at a paragliding as well as a daredevil bungee jump off a suspension bridge or a crane. Rafting experience is also an equally exciting adventure to do when you are in Nepal.

Day Hiking: 

Day hiking in Nepal is just another fascinating activity that you could do when you are in Nepal. There are numerous amazing day trekking trips around Kathmandu and Pokhara. These trips can be a great add-on to your main visit to Nepal. A day trekking trip in Nepal requires you to lush character and beautiful cultural villages. It's also a peaceful day outside with wonderful experience to cherish. Of many different things to do, you will find day hiking to be an awesome way of producing your holiday great.

Mountain Biking: 

The topographical terrain of Nepal makes mountain biking in Nepal a great experience. Mountain Biking definitely is just another thing to indulge in the wonderful atmosphere of Nepal. You may go for a day biking excursion to multiple-day mountain biking trip to different destinations in the hills. From single tracks downhill to uphill and effortless dirt road biking, the encounter is simply magnificent. This activity is likely to make your time in Nepal filled with adventure excitement.

Day Tours: 

Day tours in Nepal make a terrific add-on in your main trip to Nepal. These tours are excellent methods for understanding the culture, history, art, and architecture of Nepal in a day. You should definitely take a day excursion, especially in Kathmandu, if your primary trip does not include from the itinerary. You'll get to see the inspiring lifestyle of local people, watch the skills of individuals living in Kathmandu, and spirituality in prosperity.

Jungle Safari Activities: 

Last on the list but not least is Jungle safari actions. This activity will also bring you the opportunity to see different wild animals as well as enjoy the nature. Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are the two great places to go for jungle safari activities in Nepal.