Best Free iPhone Ringtone Maker App

In this era of customization, no one is interested in setting the default tones as ringtones for incoming calls and notification chimes as stock notification alert. So how to make through with the rhythm or a song chorus as default ringtone. Let us list some of the most effective ringtone makers in the market with best features.

The 5 Best Ringtone Makers available for Both iOS and Android are as follows:

1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Slash mp3 files and produce customized android phone ringtone with the app. Able to import audio files of numerous formats. The app comes with a scrollable representation of waveform audio files with up to 4 grade zoom. Some of the features may include such as
1.       Comes with a built in encoder
2.       Powerful and intuitive visual representation
3.       Users can add live audio recordings
4.       Neat and clean user interface

2. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

Create a customized ringtone for iPhone, slash and combine WMA, WAV and MP3 files. This ringtone maker makes use of an editor which visualizes audio waves. This is utilized by the app to get the highest accuracy. It also corrects the time and length. It is also supported on Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ XP/ Server 2008 along with Mac 10.6 and above os. This makes it the best free iPhone ringtone maker app. Some of the features may include such as
1.       Compatible with 30+ formats
2.       No restrictions, no need to create an account
3.       Audio enhancements offered

3. Free Ringtone Maker Platinum

Slash the music portion right away with help of wave editor combine them and transmute to a specific format supported by your Android or iOS device. Paste, Mix, Delete, Copy the desired music files. It supports a huge variety of audio formats such as FAC, MP2, VOC and many more audio formats which one has not even heard yet. This mp3 maker supports 3 of the most renowned audio formats which are WMA, WAV and of course MP3. It is supported by most manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, IPhone etc. devices. Being supported on Windows 7/8/Vista/Server 2008/XP makes it the best free ringtone maker. Some of the features may include such as

1.       Exact choice with millisecond-grade definiteness
2.       Tenders variety of permanents
3.       Sustains numerous layouts

4. Ringtone Maker

The ringtone maker is a free of cost app efficient in creating ringtones. Able to produce best quality ringtones in multiple formats. Backed with in-built encoders to enhance quality of ringtones created. Configure start and end points. This makes it the best free ringtone maker for android. Some of the features may include such as

1.       Enables to record voice as backed with in-built recorder
2.       Coupled with a combiner to merge and attach audio files to create new ringtone
3.       It is a very effective Ring droid mechanism.

5. AVCWare Ringtone Maker

Create a fully personalized iPhone ringtones slashed out of audio or video files. It is packed with the fade-out and fade-in visualizations coupled with built in encoders. Pull out the soundtracks from the videos you like, configure output and file length according to millisecond and transform it into the ringtones of your choice, fully customized into numerous wave formats. Hence making it the best free online ringtone maker. This is supported by Windows 7/ 8/ XP / Vista. Some of the features may include such as

1.       Offers precise selection with millisecond accuracy.
2.       An accurate preview before creating a ringtone


Above mentioned are some of the best ringtone makers. The masses just love personalized and follow customized styles. This means the people like something unique and prefer not to use what is commonly used.