How to Create an Ultimate Camping Survival Kit

Camping is fun for everyone, but it brings a lot of risks for the campers. If you are a first-time camper, you need to be more careful and carry all the essential items in your survival kit. The experienced campers know most of the things they need to pack in the survival kit.

However, the first time campers need to do a bit of research or take advice from professional campers before packing their survival kit. There are many life saving items that you need to carry on your camping trip. This post shares the essential items that should be there in the survival kit. 


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A knife is one of the important items in a camping survival kit. Campers need a knife for cutting the things like ropes, tree branches, and for preparation of food. Every camper in your group should carry a knife as nobody knows when they need them. 

A basic knife comprises a single blade while the advanced multitool knives have multiple blades meant for cutting a variety of things. It is best to have a robust single blade knife and a Swiss multitool knife that serves numerous purposes. 

A Fire Starter Kit

Campers need to light a fire many times during camping. You need fire for cooking food, boiling water and making the area warm during the cold. A fire starter kit is essential for every camping trip. You can choose to buy a fire starter kit, a butane lighter or matches. If you carry a matchbox, make sure you store it in a waterproof container and save it from rain and moisture. 

It is also essential to carry some materials for lighting a fire in the cold and moisture conditions. You can pack some dry tinder, priming paste, and chipped wood clusters. These things are ignited quickly and can retain fire and heat for a long time. A stove is an excellent heat source for locations with snow and above the tree line. 


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Camping sites are suitable for sleeping outdoor as they have the shelter for campers. However, every place you visit or rest is not ideal for sitting or relaxing outside. You need a tent or tarp to protect yourself from the weather conditions like rain, heat, and cold. Carry a good quality lightweight tent with a capacity of four to five people. It is recommended to carry a tent of extra capacity so that you can accommodate the camping gear inside it. 


A tarp is an essential item that campers usually overlook, but it comes in handy while you halt at places away from your camping site. A tarp is not meant for sleeping in the night, but you can use it as a shelter for protection from sun and rain anytime. It can protect you from the harsh weather in places where you don’t have your tent. 

First Aid Kit


It is usual for the campers to get hurt on the hiking and trekking camps. A first aid kit comes in handy to save the life of campers. All campers must have a first aid kit in their bag. You never know when any of your friends may get hurt and need medical treatment. The medications in the first aid kit can be used for treatment until you reach a medical facility. Make sure you buy a first aid kit specially made for the hiking and camping. 

Food and Water

You cannot survive without food and water on the camping locations. It is essential to take the food materials and water in sufficient amounts to feed all the members. You should take the raw materials like bread, vegetables, and spices to prepare the food on the camps. In addition, you should also carry some prepared foods like chips and fries that are ready to eat or can be cooked within a few minutes. 

Water Purifier


Carrying enough water for the camping days is necessary for the campers. However, campers run out of water during their trip. You might need to drink water from a river or natural stream of water that contains harmful bacteria. A portable water purifier comes in handy in such situations. You can drink water from any water resource and purify it within seconds. 

Final words

These are the basic tips to create an ultimate survival kit for campers. However, there are many other essential items that you need to carry on your camping trip. The other items include a durable rope, a weatherproof clothing, protection gear, and small weapons for protection from wild animals. The things mentioned above are the items for survival emergency kits and not for camping backpacks. These items can protect you and your members from harsh weather and tough conditions on the camping and hiking locations far away from your home.