How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen

A laptop screen is vulnerable to breakage if not handled with care. Many people who have pets or kids in their home get their screen cracked. The display of a laptop may break due to many reasons. A cracked screen may put you off from your work until you get it replaced. It is essential to repair or replace the laptop screen to get back to work again. 

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Laptop owners are required to consult a professional for the repair of the screen. However, with some skills, training, and knowledge, you can fix laptop screen at home. You can buy or borrow the tools to replace the screen online. Here are some tips to replace your laptop screen at home.

Buy the New Screen for your Laptop

The first step for replacing your laptop screen is to get a new display. You should to be very careful while buying the new display for your laptop. Many companies sell low-quality compatible displays. 

However, you should avoid them and buy a genuine display for your laptop to prevent future problems. Use the manufacturer's label and model number of your device while buying the LCD screen for your laptop. These two figures will help you buy the exact and accurate display for your PC. 

Get the Replacement Screen and Tools

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You need some simple tools to replace your laptop screen. Also get a replacement screen that you will install after removing the cracked screen. You need a screwdriver with many bits like the Phillips screwdriver. Even, get ready some plastic spudgers and thin metal blade as you need them while removing the trims that surround the screen. 

Removing the Screen Bezel

Disconnect the power supply and remove the battery to examine the bezel surrounding the screen. Remove this bezel to see the screws holding the LCD panel. Remove the hidden screws using a thin metal blade and work around the bezel with a spudger.

Remove the Cracked LCD Screen 

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Remove the screws that hold the display to the lid. Then keep the display rested on the front downside of the laptop and disconnect its cable. The old laptops may have the fluorescent backlights and two wires. The new laptops have the LCD screens and only one connectivity cable. 

You need to be very careful while disconnecting the cable. Don’t use any sharp objects or blades to disconnect the cable as even a small cut can damage the cable. 

Installing the New LCD Screen

Once you get your new LCD screen, open the packing and make sure it matches the old screen. The dimensions, mounting brackets and the connectors of the new display should match the old one to fit in your laptop. Connect the new LCD panel to the connectivity cable before placing it in the lid. Then place the new display carefully in the lid and put back the screws at the places from where you removed them. Remember the rule that the screws you removed in the last will be put back first and vice versa. 

Testing the new LCD

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After installing the new LCD on your laptop, you need to test it to ensure that it is working correctly. Reconnect the batteries and power cable to your device and turn it on. 

Check that the new display works in the same manner as the old display. From turning on the power button to operate the windows, everything should be displayed clearly and correctly without any blur or lines. 

Reinstalling the Bezel

If the new display is working perfectly fine and you are satisfied with the performance, you should reinstall the bezel back in its place where it holds the screen. Put back the bezel on the screen in the same way as you removed it. 

Make sure it covers the area and the screws as it covered before removing. This completes the display replacement process, and you are ready to use your laptop. 

Final Words

It is not difficult to replace the display of a laptop. However, every computer is different, and the manufacturers install the screens in various ways for different models. The methods or removing and installing the displays may vary a lot for the old and new displays. 

It is best to view a few training videos on YouTube to get some knowledge about how to replace the screen of your model. Also, make sure you watch the videos produced by professionals (engineers) and not the newbies. Getting trained by a newbie may do more harm than good to your computer. 

If you are not confident of replacing your laptop screen correctly, it is better to consult a professional than doing it yourself. It is better to spend some money than to damage other parts in your PC that lead to spending more on repair.