How to Make your Own Necklace

Many of us dream of making our self-made jewelry ourselves:

Discover our creative minds and produce something that can be used or given to a friend or loved one. Making jewelry can be fun, inspiring and therapeutic. We've listed our top 5 tips and ideas on how to make your own necklace at home.

1. Tools and Materials

If you make jewelry at home, you should first collect all the tools that you have in your house and put them all together. If you feel that you are missing important tools like pliers, you should immediately invest in this tool. That is, if you find it too expensive or have no time, you may need help. For example, if you want a monogram chain or a name chain, you can send the initials / names you want to an online jewelry company. They cut the initials / names on the material they select. Then all you have to do is add your personal jewelry.

2. Ideas

You need to explore your options for your handmade jewelry ideas. A good place to start is to look at the fashion magazines and see what's stylish for the upcoming season. Cut out the things you like and create a humor spreadsheet by attaching your ideas to a large map and annotating annotations that can help you design and create your own article.

3. Design

Now is the time to put these ideas into action. Draw your designs on paper with a pen or pencil. Add measurements to know the size of the materials to be cut. Once you have done this, you can create the 3D design graphics using design technology programs. This part is not essential, but it is a possibility if you are interested in graphic design and want to make a more professional impression.

4. Create

Once you have your ideas, designs, materials and dimensions, you can now create your own jewelry. That's the really funny part. By creating and making your own jewelry, allow your mind to be creative and collect all your ideas. There is no better feeling than connecting pieces of material together to create an object that you can use. This moment of completion can be incredibly rewarding.

5. Time and skill

If you are not artistic, have no idea about graphic design, or just do not have time, you can also participate in making your own jewelry. You can design your own necklace online by giving your own ideas to professional jewelers and creating design graphics. Then you can try to create this design yourself, or you can have it created by a professional. You may just have to produce the pendant and then you can combine it with your own necklaces and ornaments at home.

Here is a list of useful tools to make your own jewelry:

#Pair of pliers’ No. 2: They act like very strong and thin fingers and allow the opening and closing of rings or closures and the attachment to the most complicated parts or amulets.

# Wire cutters: sharp tools for cutting and cutting metal parts.

# Pencil, ruler, paper: to support dimensions and designs.

# Silver and Gold Wire and Chains: You do not necessarily have to decide what type of chain you want to use. You can choose a variety that offers you options.

# Ribbon and Threads: When joining parts, these elements can be really useful.

# Locks and Jump Ring: for connecting or closing chains and connecting amulets.

# Charms, pearls and stones: Go to a jewelry store where you sell "parts and parts" to make your own jewelry. You can select all the accounts and amulets you want to work with. It's good to have a range of choices in the design, giving you an idea of ​​what you're working with. If you need it, you can come back again and again. You can also use old pieces of jewelry that you have in the house. Find broken necklaces and remnants of old jewelry and add them to your collection. You will be surprised how much you can reuse.