Instagram Is Proving To Be A Significant Driving Force In Fashion Business

Fashion designers from all over the world are now taking the help of the internet and different social media platforms to promote their business, showcase their products and creative skill and reach out to the more targeted audience and beyond. Instagram has proved to be the most significant driving force for fashion business just as it has for all other businesses. Famous fashion designers and brands have made this platform a useful tool to reach out to people far and wide with their designer boutique. 
The fashion scenario and industry has changed dramatically over the years for the better. It is not anymore like the simpler time in the olden days when a fashion show was a big event and only attended by a select few who were privy to. It is no more a club for the riches and does not thrive on exclusivity anymore. It is all due to the digital revolution that today everyone is invited to the party. 

Now, every smartphone is a showcase of the event, and every post is a ticket to the club and every hashtag used is an invitation to the party. In this modern day of Instagram, you can experience a brand with just a click. In short, digital media has transformed a hyperactive form of window shopping.

Reasons for such a Transformation

The most significant reason for such a remarkable transformation is also the most common reason for all business types. It is the fact that Instagram is more engaging that has resulted in such a noticeable change. Well, there are other factors as well which facilitated such a change. 

Instagram allows one to have a direct conversation with clients or a member of the audience. This has resulted in better conveying of messages and knowledge of the product showcased.

This specific channel has also acted as an effective conduit with the increased traffic that has further resulted in an increased conversion rate over time. The fashion industry is seeing more and more customers coming through this platform.

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Now an audience needs not to be privy to the show or have to wait for the newspaper the next morning to know about such an event. Everyone today can enjoy the privilege of being present in the show and enjoy it firsthand from the ‘front row seat,’ thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and live stream.

The platform has provided as high as 300% growth in one year for some brands just due to the fact that these social media platforms have allowed the brands to stay connected to their audience and the world at large. 

In short, the platform has enhanced the accessibility of people towards a product and has transcended the constraints of a brick and mortar store. It is for this reason that you will see different fashion labels are present on different social media platforms. However, it is Instagram that fares better amongst them all due to its core strength.

Strength of Instagram

There is a large number of Instagram followers for different business brands and fashion labels because of its most unique and significant attribute which is its ability in visual storytelling. This is the feature of this platform that has impelled it into the fashion vanguard. 

This photo-sharing mobile application is designed explicitly for storytelling. It is considered to be a perfect fit for fashion which is all about bold colors and exquisite designs. The compelling visuals and eye-catching graphics make a perfect match to tell the story in the finest possible way. 

Instagram redefines fashion industry by democratizing fashion and by establishing a more significant connection with the customers in real time basis. It enables the fashion brands to build a strong relationship through direct contact with the audiences. It enables to speak more specifically about a product not just with the people present at the fashion vent personally but also with those people who were present there virtually.

The Study Reports 

There are a lot of studies and researches conducted on the effects of Instagram on business and to find the reason for its successful impact on business promotion, fashion and otherwise. 

According to a report published by in September 2017, Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users and at the same time has the highest level of engagement. People spend much more time on this photo-sharing mobile app than any other social media channels. 

Another study conducted by market researcher Nielsen NV found that most of the active users of Instagram all over the world mostly young using the mobile more than a desktop computer and have very high spending power. This age group of 18 o 24 years not only share pictures through this platform but also follows different brands that feature on Instagram. 

It is also found that more than 50% of such Instagram followers usually purchase products frequently of the specific brands they follow on Instagram. They usually follow and keep in touch with the latest products of the specific brand and also learn about it, the deals on offer and shop for it online. 

In short, they are the big motivators for the fashion industry and are always ‘Insta-ready.’ 

Change in the usage

It is all due to the power of Instagram that has impelled the fashion houses all over the world to up their ante in the Instagram game. There are different techniques followed by different houses for that matter. Some use Instagram Stories to make their new store launches more impressive while others use Instagram Live for promoting their events and launches in the new season.

It is also noticed that brands have upped their #hashtag game on Instagram which is the best way to be found Instagram especially when the organic reach is evaporating. Apart from that, different brands have leveraged the use of hashtags. Thanks to the new feature of Instagram that allows users to track or follow a specific hashtag.

In short, the use of Instagram in the fashion business is a welcome change and here to stay.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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