Oxygen-Diet The Cheapest Diet For Weight Loss

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Oxygen is an important element. It’s a colorless order less gas. With the atomic number of 8, it is the third most abundant element in the universe. 20% of the earth’s atmosphere is made up of oxygen. In the human, it is found in abundance. The importance of oxygen is also remarkable. As 65% of the body mass is made up of only one single element and it is oxygen.
Oxygen is the main gas needed for breathing. Oxygen has a unique quality to help in weight loss. If one follows the proper procedure of oxygen-diet oxygen can help reducing weight significantly. In this article, we will get to know how oxygen-diet the cheapest diet for weight loss.


Oxygen is known as the life-saving gas for every living being. It not only helps all of us to stay alive but also has a great effect on weight maintenance.

It helps us in breathing purpose. Moreover, it can be regarded as one of the cheapest and easily available gas for weight loss.

As we know that every cell depends upon oxygen for releasing energy from foods. The process is known as aerobic respiration.

So, it's clear that more the oxygen we supply to the body (by exercising a deep breath) more is the burning of calorie. Which leads to release in more energy. And losing more weight rather than storing energy as calories and getting obese.


According to scientists about 200 years ago (before industrialization), our planet earth had more than 30% of oxygen in the atmosphere. But at present that amount has been decreased.

Oxygen level has reduced due to pollution, the greenhouse effect, deforestation, and other human activities and it has become less than 21%. As a result, we cannot get the proper amount of oxygen for breathing.

Oxygen is not only related to weight loss but also it helps us to protect from many diseases.

There is a risk of cancer due to lack of oxygen as supported by various studies.

And we all know, in the human body heart is the only organ which is never affected by cancer. Because it’s one of the most oxygenated organs in the whole body. So it’s clear that oxygen is very much important for our body.

There is another instance of when doctors say that one can stay almost 3 weeks without food. You can live 3 days without water but not more than 3 min without oxygen. So, it’s clear that oxygen is life.


Without air, there is no life. And for that reason only our planet earth has life and the rest of all planets do not have any.

But not the whole air is needed for life to survive. The main element which is present in the air is oxygen. It is an essential gas for being alive?

When living things respire they get oxygen from the air. They needed oxygen to break down the foods they eat and release energy.

So, if there is no oxygen then there is no energy and no life. Plants while making their own food via photosynthesis produce energy and gives oxygen as a by-product. They take up carbon dioxide and this oxygen is the most vital gas for every living being.


One of the most essential elements needed for the human body is oxygen. Everybody breath oxygen nearly in every second of every day.

While breathing we get oxygen which is needed for our cells to produce cellular energy (ATP).

This energy is produced while breaking down of glucose from the food we eat. This process requires oxygen.

Oxygen is also important for the human blood cells because it is needed for cells growth.

It is absorbed in the red blood cells and transported to cells throughout the body. And in this way helps in cells growth and maintenance of cells.


As we know oxygen is mandatory for the breathing process not only in human beings but also in all living organisms (except the anaerobic bacteria).

It’s not only essential for breathing but also plays an important role in the metabolism of all living organisms.

In the lungs of the human body, oxygen is absorbed by the blood and transported to all parts of the body.

The nutrients which are present in the cells get oxidized by the oxygen by a complex enzymatic procedure. This oxidation which is occurring in presence of oxygen is the main source of energy for almost all living beings.

The adequate proportion of oxygen is necessary for proper respiration of cells and metabolism.

Metabolism is a biochemical process which goes on continuously throughout the whole lifespan. And it is necessary for making of new tissues by replacing old tissues.

It is required for Bodybuilding, conversion of food into energy, excretion of waste products, reproduction and all the other vital activities of the body to work properly.

In the human body, there is about 2/3 of oxygen.

The main purpose of oxygen is that it oxidizes the food that we eat and releasing energy in the process of cellular respiration.

The energy is stored as ATP in mitochondria by the process of electron transport chain. In the cytoplasm, it is generated by the process of glycolysis.


When oxygen is used by the body effectively then it can increase metabolism significantly. And for that reason, fat-trapping toxins get to flush out from the body easily. It also helps in increasing the energy level and decreasing of the fatigue. Not only had that oxygen also worked upon the stored fat of the body. It combines with the stored fat and helps it to burn. By increasing oxygen intake through proper breathing one can increase the body’s ability to burn fat by 100% or more. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a substrate depending on which body loses weight by creating energy. By effective breathing, we can supply proper oxygen to the body cells. Which encourage the production of ATP and thus helps in reducing body weight.


It’s very surprising to know that one can lose weight just only by breathing. And it can be done while doing any kind of work throughout the day that increases metabolism and curb appetite. We should try to understand some basic formula for weight loss. Burning more calories than the eaten food items can help lose weight. But it’s not that easier, at first we have to understand the proper technique. Obese people spend much time doing exercise but they are often plugged with a slower metabolism. So it’s necessary that one should focus on proper metabolism as it leads to burn more fat from the body.

Now the question arises that how oxygen can help in losing weight? So the answer is oxygen speeds up the metabolism of the body. When metabolism speeds up, it also burns fat more effectively. More often the human body is referred to as oxygen-factory as oxygen acts as the fuel which leads the cellular process. Low level of oxygen in the blood dictates the brain to feed the body. It can be surprising to know that almost 90% of the energy we get from oxygen. And only 10% from food and water. So, it’s almost clear that if one can take more oxygen then can feel less hungry which eventually helps in losing weight.


There is a well-known therapy called Aromatherapy which when combined with oxygen can reduce weight significantly. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for medical purpose. It acts upon the sense of smell. Now the question is how aromatherapy helps in to reduce weight? 

So the answer is there are some aromas which make us feel hungry. While we really no need to eat food. Like some baked apple pie. Or the aroma of cakes and pastries that makes us feel that we want a slice of it. But there are some other aromas such as almond, peppermint, and eucalyptus when flavoured with oxygen. When we breathe that aroma, it suppresses the feelings of hunger. This way this saves us from taking food when we are already full and don’t need any more at that time.


• We all should try to follow some activity that can help us to supply more oxygen to the body and for this purpose, deep breathing is the most vital procedure.
• We should try to adopt some activities which leads to deep breathing such as
• walking (for near about 20 min) over time sends instruction by the brain to our body for deep breathing.
• We also can take the help of yoga for learning the basic breathing techniques,
• by which we can see how oxygen works wonder for weight loss.
• The simplest way for proper breathing is trying to do it like an exercise, give a few minutes for doing it.
• Standing or laying down. Stretch the abdominal muscles slowly and deeply by belly breath and take a large amount of oxygen into the body.
• Hold thebreathe for a moment then tighten the abdominal muscles. And after that exhale through mouth just like blowing up a balloon.
• We should spend at least 15 min for this purpose in one period or in several smaller periods throughout the whole day.
• Once one can adopt this technique and gets comfortable with this they can do it anywhere, anytime. Or in any situation. Like while lying in the bed, while driving, sitting at a desk or standing on any ticket counter or in any line or any place.
• The deep breathing technique is done in yoga. Helps us lose weight by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.
• Thus by improving metabolism, it aids in digestion and eventually helps in weight loss.
• There are two types of food which we eat one is Breathing-Friendly food and one is Processed food.
• Only 5% of our diet is made up of breathing friendly food like fruits, veggies and plain water.
• And the rest of the 95% which we eat are processed food.
• Like milk- products, tea, coffee, sugar, grains and so on.
• Which force our body for over breathing to stay healthy. And also if we want to lose weight then we have to supply more oxygen to the body through proper breathing.


Almost all obese people have a hidden wish at the core of their heart and that is less exercise, less dieting and still lose weight and its very surprising to know that it is possible. Take a deep breath and read carefully and do not be surprised. So the thing is, it is well known to everyone that weight loss totally depends upon burning off more calories than one taking it by eating.

Obese people take more food than the average people. And they also do not exercise properly for that reason their metabolism becomes slow. And that’s why don’t burn calories in an adequate way. If they go for dieting which is a short-term solution for weight loss, it do not work in the long run. And so the best solution is to breadth more oxygen. The well planned and one of the simplest diets is oxygen diet for weight loss.

For this diet, one doesn’t have to spend any money or any extra time. It can be done in any spare time. One can do this while watching television and not only that it can be done while sleeping also. There is no need for any hard exercise or no need for any special diet food. The one and the only needed thing is proper breathing mechanism. In the body, oxygen works wonder. It thins the blood, increases circulation, increases metabolism also. Which leads to burning more calories. And thus makes over weighted people slim.

Oxygen acts as a fuel for the proper functioning of the cells of the body. It also acts as food for the cells. And if there is plenty of oxygen around the cells then all the tissues have enough food to eat. But if the cells are not getting the right amount of oxygen or don’t get well-nourished then a message sent to the brain to feed the body. It’s surprising to know that almost 90% of the energy we get from oxygen. We get only 10% of oxygen from food, so if we take more oxygen then it’s clear that we feel less hungry. And as a result, can lose weight significantly.


Breathing means inhale of oxygen and exhale of carbon dioxide. And this exhale of carbon dioxide plays a major role in weight loss. By breathed out carbon dioxide (while deep breathing) we can lose weight. It seems very interesting to know that breathing and weight loss are related to each other. So let’s try to understand the fact. When we eat food we get calories from that food. And when those calories not get used up by the body totally are transformed into a fat called triglycerides. (Made up of carbon hydrogen and oxygen).

For weight loss, these triglycerides have to break down in oxidation procedure. And for this purpose, lungs play an important role acts as an excretory organ.We lose the carbon every time when we breathe out or exhale which helps in weight loss.Now exercise along with deep breathing trigger the weight loss process. If our daily intake of calories is less than the carbon we breathe out then the result of it is losing weight.

If we can reduce the time of resting (near about 1 hour) by exercising like walking or jogging or any other types then our metabolic rate becomes increased 7 times which results in an additional 40 gram of carbon removed from the body. And its daily occurrence may help us to remove 240 gram of carbon from the body. This ultimately helps in weight loss.


In the deep breath diet technique, the dieter should take a specifying position.

Inhale for 3 seconds and then exhale powerfully for 7 seconds. There are two main types of technique in this process and they are as follows-
• In the first technique, the dieters have to lift their arms above their head. And inhale for three seconds, after they are told to exhale for seven seconds by tensing all their muscles.
• In a second way, the dieter has to stand upright while tightening their buttocks.
• And placing one hand on their belly and the other on their bottom of their back.
• They are then instructed to breathe in for 3 seconds. Before breathing out or exhale for 7 seconds all of the time should holding of their stomach.


As we all know that fat is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and. When this oxygen reaches to these fat molecules it breaks them in carbon dioxide and water. By the process called oxidation. Now, this carbon dioxide treated by the body as waste matter. And return to the lungs for exhaling. So it is clear that more oxygen we can breathe helps in more fat burn and results in more weight loss. The quantity of air which one breathes or the amount of oxygen one can inhale has the power to transform the whole body. Healthy breathing habit is as important as the healthy eating habit.So we all should try to understand the benefits of proper breathing. For not only to stay healthy but also for maintaining the proper body weight. Over breathing is an obstacle for staying healthy.

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