Pros and Cons of DIY Windshield Repair

The windshield of a car is prone to damage, and it can suffer chips or cracks due to any reason. The most prominent reasons for windscreen damage are the rocks and foreign bodies hitting the auto glass. However, the windshield can also develop chips or cracks due to faulty suspension.

Windscreen damages can grow larger if not repaired at the right time. Therefore it is essential to get your auto glass fixed immediately to prevent the damage from spreading. You can repair the windshield of your car using a DIY (Do it yourself) repair kit or get it done by a professional.

Many people use DIY repair kits to repair to save on the cost of professional windshield repair. However, DIY repair has some advantages and disadvantages. Let us check the pros and cons of the DIY windshield repair.

Pros of DIY Windshield Repair

There are several benefits of repairing the windscreen yourself. Let us check some of the common advantages of DIY auto glass repair.

Cost Savings

The main advantage of using DIY repair kits is that you can save a significant amount of money on repair. You can get a DIY kit to repair your windshield a low as $20. The professional repair can cost you around $100 or more. If your insurance company does not cover the windscreen of your car, a professional repair may cost you ten times more than the DIY repair.


If you plan to get a professional repair, you may need to take an appointment and wait for the completion of repair. Sometimes, you may need to wait for hours or an entire day, and you cannot drive your car immediately after repair. Using a DIY kit, you can repair your windshield in minutes and drive your car after a few hours.


In the case of DIY repair, you can repair your auto glass at your convenience as you don’t need to search for professionals. You don’t need to go anywhere and perform the repair at your home, garage or any place where you want.

Cons of DIY Windshield Repair

Despite the benefits of cost and time, the DIY repair also has some disadvantages.

Lack of Experience

The auto glass professionals have years of experience their job and can handle any damage. However, in the case of DIY repair, you can easily make mistakes that can do more harm than good to your windshield. You don’t have the experience to handle all types of damage. If the repair is not done correctly, it can allow the damage to spread more.

Saves Time

Due to lack of experience, you may take more time to get the repair done. However, you can call a professional at your place where he can fix your windscreen within an hour. A professional can save your time and perform the repair work with perfection. 

More Damage

In case you are not able to do the repair correctly, or you don’t know the correct way of using the DIY kit, the repair will not be done properly. An improper repair can do more harm than good, and the chip or crack can spread to more area in the auto glass. In such cases, the windscreen may need replacement and cost you more.

Saves Cost

It seems that a professional windshield repair can cost your hundreds of dollars as compared to the DIY methods. However, you can get the professional repair free or for a few dollars if your car insurance company covers your windscreen. Even if your car insurance company does not cover it completely, you may get 80 to 90 percent of the money spent on the repair.


The safety of your car depends on the windscreen as it provides structural support to the roof and front part. If the DIY repair is not done correctly, it may affect the safety of your vehicle. Therefore it is best to get the windscreen repaired by a professional service. It will ensure you that they perform the repair flawlessly and your car is safe.

Expert Advice

Some windscreen damages are prominent and need replacement. It is possible to repair the damage on your own, but the repair may not last long and can need replacement anytime. While repairing the glass using a DIY kit, you may not be able to know the severity of the damage. A professional may offer you expert advice on whether the windscreen needs repair or replacement.

Final Words

Repair and replacement is not an easy task. It needs professional help. Even if the damage is minor, you should contact a professional to get the cracks repaired. They offer you expert advice and perform the repair correctly to ensure the safety of your family and car. The points in this article can help any individual understand the pros and cons of the DIY windshield repair.