Select your Mobile Number According to Preference

Selecting mobile number is not possible. The same rule is applicable for VIP numbers as well. But do you know that you still can get VIP Number as per your choice? Yes, you heard it right. With VIP Hexa you can have your preferred VIP number at an amazing price. In most places you would not get any preferred VIP number selection option. You will be provided with a special mobile number which you have to buy whether you like it or not. If you are not quite sure that you would buy the number, you can move ahead to any other store. This is not with the case of VIP Hexa. The best part is everything is placed in front of you before you can actually spend your money. It provides you with VIP Number as per your choice anytime you wish to have one.

How to Select Your VIP Number According To Preference

As already discussed, VIP Hexa enables you to choose your most preferred numbers that is the VIP numbers online. It does provide other facilities along with some of the numbers such as cash on delivery and sale. Please note that these offers are levied on certain VIP numbers and not all of them. To select your VIP Number as per your choice, you need to follow the below mentioned points step by step.

First, you need to visit their authentic website and create an account.
  • Then you have to sign in to your account so that you can have a track of all your purchase.
  • On the website, you will find list of numbers and their status. You can select from them and add them to cart.
  • If you have a special preference like budget or other things like selection or placement of a particular set of number(s), then you might take help from the left panel of the website.
  • You can even go for lucky numbers to get VIP Number as per your choice.
  • For more easy access, you can download their app.
  • After you have added all the numbers to the cart, you need to checkout.
  • On confirmation of the order, you need to provide the billing information through a form provided while checkout/ after order confirmation.
  • Except for the cash on delivery VIP Numbers, you have to clear the order value through any mode of online transaction.
  • It is mandatory to check and recheck the ordered number along with the billing information.

If you are availing the VIP Number as per your choice facility from VIP Hexa, then you can be rest assured. All your transactions are safe and secure. The ordered number will reach to you within 2 days of order placement. In case the ordered number(s) is/are not delivered to you, the total transaction amount will be refunded against the company policy. You can have VIP Number as per your choice for both prepaid and postpaid connections across all mobile operators.