Some Smart Tips to Boost Sales for Your Fashion House on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social networking site and a powerful marketing channel. When you scrutinize the accounts, you would be coming across numerous big brands. Instagram is a unique image-sharing platform which offers fashion brands great opportunities to engage and gain visibility with their target audiences. Here are some smart tips to boost your sales if you are a fashion house online.

Post Compelling Pictures
Instagram is predominantly a visual platform. Therefore, it is mandatory to post high-quality and high-resolution pictures. You must avoid blurry pictures. Your pictures must be eye-catching and creative and must highlight your fashion accessories or clothing that needs to be promoted.
It is important for customers to recognize your fashion brand by browsing through your pictures. So make sure that every picture you are posting on Instagram actually complements your overall business and branding strategy. Suppose your branding is minimalist and chic, let it be that way on Instagram.  Be consistent with the captions and keep them simple. It is best to use original images but once in a while, you could consider using stock pictures to add variety.
Consider Investing in Instagram Ads
Advertising on Instagram may be a smart idea to reach and engage a targeted and new audience. It could be a truly worthwhile investment in case your fashion brand has just started a business. You must plan out all your Instagram ads cleverly so that you are able to reach all those customers who would actually be fascinated by your products and interested in buying them. In this context, you must know that you could get in touch with reputed digital marketing companies to buy real Instagram likes.

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Revel in User-Generated Content
User-generated content is a whole new form of word-of-mouth advertising. You can encourage present and long-time customers to showcase how your product or service changes their lives, which in turn is shown to a wider audience, some of whom can, in turn, jump on board. This is great because the promotion is a lot more grounded and believable when it isn't the company but a genuine customer talking about it. That said it is difficult to get customers to rave about your product on their own. There must be some encouragement, some incentive you offer to them to get them going. This could be done via a contest where you offer them some goodies or a shout out on your main account in exchange for their content. Make sure they use a hashtag that is linked to your brand to increase effectiveness.
Giveaways and Sales
Sales, discounts, and giveaways are great ways to boost sales. They are pretty cost-effective and can really boost your brand's visibility in the cyberspace if the campaign is done right. Satisfied customers are likely to share news of the offers with their friends, thus increasing both your engagement and your profits. You can build on this by offering referral discounts or other reward programs to loyal customers on repeat purchases. These friendly marketing tactics are loved by customers and will definitely win you a lot of goodwill.
You must follow the above-mentioned tips religiously if you wish to boost your brand presence online and increase sales. Most importantly, you must not forget to be relatable and witty. You must try incorporating relatable humor and witty puns into all your Instagram posts. The ultimate objective is to enhance your brand’s image as positive brand perception goes a long way in boosting overall sales of your fashion house.


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