The Best Movies You Can Watch as Inflight Entertainment

Real life is always extraordinary and keeps us feeling lively, but sometimes we really need mind-stirring references for it to inspire us to move forward. Especially, when you’re on a plane and experiencing a spontaneous realization of your intuitive ‘I can do this’ capacities. However, these movies only depict stories, but still act as the perfect catalyst to break all distress you’re facing in life alongside those mid-air turbulences.

Nonetheless, not everyone needs an onscreen teardrop emotional embrace to snug ‘n snivel about, and feel ardently sentimental to accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish ASAP. There are different movie genres people could watch entirely for entertainment purposes, established already and looking for the perfect time-pass during above ground sitting.

But, if you’re looking for the perfect flick to watch during your long-destination flight, then the following ones would definitely create the flawless balance between the clouds’ silver linings and silver screens entertainment. Not only movies, but video games are also inspiring others with their actions and adventure. You can take ideas for Stellaris guide for more exciting updates.

The Grey

A movie that lets you become the leader right in the plane, and lets you feel to hold grounds even when you’re off grounds. Liam Neeson’s dig-in-the-mud suspense thriller film The Grey is one of the best movies to move you creepily in skies, when you’re mindfully in deep-snow. This movie takes your in-flight time to a completely new level, especially when the movie starts right in the plane itself. Please don’ t scream, just have a Xanax and watch silently.

Lord of the Rings

One of the movies that give genuine goose bumps if you’re a big fan horses at war. The equestrian impression of nations of men, elves, dwarves, hobbits, and orcs imaginatively builds the curiosity to engage in this folklore’s best of its kind film. The LOTR is such a deep filmdom that echoes the reality out of you, and makes you feel that you’re one of the fellowship comrades. 

The Lord of the Rings is one of the best film series you can watch for your airborne course, and feel like one of those Gandalf’s eagle being carried by the wind. I would recommend you watch all of its three films mid-air to get much better understanding than those watching it on earth. I hope you finish them before being landed on air airport. You just cannot utter breathlessly “You shall not pass” to the airport security if you’re back on the ground. Wake up!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Before putting your eyes on the screen on one of Will Smith’s most emotional film ever, go and buy a genuine leather jacket from Hjackets that would certainly shelter your clothes from those heartfelt inexorable tears. 

The movie shows a heartwarming father-son street struggle relationships amid going penniless while having an in-good-spirits patience for each other. This movie will leave you clueless and raise your hand for the attendance to give you a cup of coffee due to the warmth vibes this fantastic film gives each time you watch it. Definitely, one of those movies you never feel worn-out watching it repeatedly. One of my favorites whether you’re impatiently in-the-air or on grounds of gratitude while being with your loved ones.


It’s absolutely ok if you have watched this film, but sadly not in an IMAX theatre. You just have to watch it again and envision your Emirates flight name is renamed to one of those NASA’s spacecraft Endurance. Fastening your seat belt isn’t easy at all, but would really feel convenient if you’re willing to feel yourself in space rather than in a mere aircraft having a ground-to-ground endeavor without letting you touch the sky beforehand. This Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi masterpiece will keep your timepiece move on just like those dilated times, letting you wish for your air travel runs ceaselessly until it literally reaches the black hole Gargantua’s singularity in space.


Are you’re feeling a nervous and getting those anxiety attacks while other passengers are equally excited to your contrary moods? Well at least, you’re not stuck in your seat, and are settled down just like all those other travelers pining on screams to shift towards the sky from the boring land as per their thinking. Another Nolan’s time-honored film would keep you at no difficulty getting valiantly familiar with the air flight in no time. 

This 2017 war film Dunkirk portrays the evacuations of thousands of Allied soldiers trapped in Dunkirk during the Battle of France. What makes this film a great sense of gratefulness that you’re in a better comfort zone than those soldiers with no shelter, food, or family. Moreover, the land, sea, and air perceptions of soldiers add to the onscreen gut reactions of the film. You never know what‘s next out of three of them.



To be honest, I’m not a Christopher Nolan fan to the core, but his films are really made to make you feel out of the reality zone, making you feel that you’re dreaming. This film is resourcefully built on action-thriller layers of thoughts, and would make you feel just like another person with a poles apart sense just like as that different place you’re about to land on. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, and many other well-known actors, this movie is the perfect ending to your involuntary in-flight journey. Imagine waking like Leo in Los Angeles and seeing your loved ones embracing you with their long-awaited smile to see you open your eyes.

Cast Away

Feeling afraid that you’re not going to survive in the air, even when you’re surrounded by your family and other cheering crowd full of air-navigation ecstasy, then you’re missing the point. Try watching Cast Away and you’ll have your life perspectives completely rehabilitated. The film portrays Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland; a time-obsessed systems engineer getting off shore to an island all by himself. His story of survival during head-to-toe gutted tragedy that befalls him when there is no shoulder to put his head on. He alongside several FedEx packages from the crashed plane makes him understand a profound meaning of life.

Films disclose real-time story plots together with diversities of characters and their run-for-your-life situations. You can enjoy watching Comedy, Action-thriller, Biography, Western, Crime, Film Noir, History, Sports, Superhero, Family, and many other movie genres as the best in-flight motion picture. Or you can booked your cinema ticket as a Christmas Gifts For Womens, to make your lady happy and satisfied. 

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