The History Of The Tower Chair That You Can Not Miss

The one that looks like a modern chair was actually conceived in 1948 by the prestigious Charles & Ray Eames. Its creation responded exclusively to a contest organized by the National Museum of Art of the United States, the International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. With it, in addition to finding inspiration and seeing innovative designs, it was intended to solve a social problem. At that time, in the postwar period, it was sought to find a furniture design that could adapt to new and small urban spaces at a reduced cost.

The concept that inspired the marriage in the creation of the Tower chair was "Give more of the best to the greatest number of people for a lower price". In this sense, the use of materials different from those of the time became relevant in order to reduce the costs of manufacturing that would be massive, far removed from the traditional and artisan concept of the time. The plastic appeared for the first time as a fundamental element in the furniture and, in addition, granted advantages to the chair. It was flexible and manageable, while offering a very soft and pleasant touch.

The original name of the chair Tower comes from one of the series that were created within a larger proposal of elements of the same designer. This series was known as The Eames Molded Plastic & Fiberglass Armchair for the use of fiberglass and plastic materials. The prototype of the chairs that made up the collection; with legs in wood, with a rocking chair base, and with metal legs (the model known as Tower) would take two years to become commercialized wholesale. It was precisely in the 50s when Herman Miller managed to turn the creation of Eames into a reality for the public to whom it was addressed; that is, the majority of the population because of its low cost.

However, the Tower chair along with the other models from the same Eames collection resisted reaching the European market. They did not do it until a few years later, in 1957. It was Vitra's hand that reached an agreement with the American manufacturer to also make it available to the consumers of the old continent. In 1984, the agreement of mutual consent was broken and the trading company dedicated itself to maintaining its business in Europe and the Middle East to this day.

The Chair Tower of Eames was originally presented in various shades and in the finishes we have described in the paragraph above. They are the same as today can be found in the market, although there are marked differences between the different replicas. The fact that almost 70 years have passed since its creation allows individual manufacturers to create their own conceptions of this classic model and put them on sale without licensing problems.

Before finishing, you might be interested to know why the Tower chair is so called when the series received only the name of the materials used by the Eames. In fact, the inspiration they took to conceive the specific model was precisely a well-known tower, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That is why in some furniture stores you can also find it by this middle name.