Things to Consider While Looking For a Pet Sitter

There are times when you want to go on a vacation or any other place where it is not possible to take your pet along. You need someone to take care of your pet while you are on vacation. However, it is not easy to choose the right pet sitter for your four-legged family member.
 One needs to research and consider many things before choosing the right pet sitter for their pet. This post shares some traits that every pet owner should look in a pet sitter. 

Qualification and License

The first trait that you should look in a pet sitter is the qualification and license of a pet sitter. All the reputed pet sitters are licensed and qualified. The qualified and licensed pet sitters have undergone the essential study and practical training for offering the services. 

Moreover, they have qualified the tests and training to obtain the license for pet minding services. Hiring a licensed per sitter ensures that you will get the high quality of services. 


Nothing can beat the professional experience. It is essential to check the experience of pet sitters before hiring one for your dog or cat. It is best to hire a pet sitter with at least 3 to 5 years of experience so that he or she can handle your pet with proper care. 

You should also look for the pet specific experience. For example, if you have a German shepherd dog, you should look for a sitter with experience in handling the same breed. If your pet is under medical treatment, look for a sitter with some experience in this area. 


Accidents can take place any time with your pets. Dogs and cats that are naughty can harm them anytime even in the presence of pet sitter. It is vital to look for a sitter who is insured for offering the services to customers. 

The insurance protects the customers and sitter in case of any harm occurs to your pet. It is better if the pet sitter is ready to sign an agreement between you and him/her that defines the service, rules and charges etc. 


Reliability is also an essential trait that you must look in a pet sitter. You should ensure that the caretaker is punctual and take care of your pet in your absence. You can check the reliability of the pet sitter by looking at their past record and asking for referrals. 

Call the referrals and ask about the quality of services offered by the pet sitter. To ensure the reliability of service, you can also ask your local friends or relatives about a reliable pet sitter. 


Communication is vital while you are away from your pet. While you interview the sitter, you should ask them about the methods they use for communicating with the customers. Many reputed sitters take note of the daily activities, eating habits and moods of the pets. They also send text messages and pictures of your pet to update you about the daily activities. 

Service and Charges

You must inquire about the services and charges for the same to ensure both of you are on the same page. You should ask the sitter about how many visits they can make each day. Can they stay in your home for the time you are away? Do they offer walking and grooming services?

Check whether they know about the first aid for pets. Also, ask if they are in contact with the veterinarian services. You can also offer them the contact details of your regular veterinarian. 

Tell them the services you want for your pet and the fees for the same. Knowing the charges will help you create a budget for the pet minding services

Ask them to Visit your Pet

You should ask two to three pet sitters to visit your pet at different times to check how they interact with your pet and how your pet responds. Home visits are especially essential if your pet is sensitive of aggressive. 

Ask them to take your pet for a walk or let them play together for some time. Chances are there that your pet will not respond to a new person. That is why it is necessary to give them some time to spend with your pet. If the sitter controls your cat or dog easily and the pet responds positively, you can hire him/her. 

These are the essential traits that pet owners must look in a pet sitter. However, you can make your list including the services and traits you want for your pet. Considering the above mentioned points can help any pet owner to choose the best pet sitting service for their cat or dog.