Top 10 IOT Gadgets to buy for a Modern Home

Most of the everyday used gadgets have turned into smart devices. From smartphone to coffee machines and from light bulbs to wrist watches, a lot of things are connected with the internet these days.

An estimated more than 30 billion devices will be connected with internet by 2020. The technology of smart gadgets is improving with every passing day and making devices faster, better, smarter and easier to operate.

Nowadays the most basic gadgets and home devices are being smarter. The smart home gadgets are connected wirelessly with your smartphone, other home gadgets and even with the internet.

The devices connected with the internet called IoT gadgets and today in this post I have listed top 10 IoT gadgets to buy for a modern home. You can easily use a shopping concierge service to buy many of these gadgets from the Internet without any real effort. Let’s have a quick look at the list below:

1. A Smart Home Surveillance Camera

Installing a surveillance camera in your home for security purpose will be a great idea but what if your camera can be connected to your smartphone and provide notifications about any kind of suspicious activities in your home?

That will be awesome, no doubt.

There are multiple models of a home surveillance camera are available in the market. These cameras are designed to detect motions and send a notification to the user’s smartphone accordingly. I have included the Netatmo Presence camera which is equipped with quality floodlight for capturing better videos in low light conditions.


·        Detect small movements and motions
·        24/7 security
·        Easy to install
·        Customization notification alerts
·        Free video storage

2. Smart Luggage

Traveling is not easy and a lost luggage makes the situations worse. We all have faced these situations once in our life and trust me it annoys a lot.

Spend money on buying a smart luggage which can be easily tracked, charge your USB devices, connected with your smartphone and comes with a digital smart lock.

This smart luggage prevents theft and loss. Its 10,000mAh powerful and rechargeable built-in battery can power up to 8 devices.

3. Bug Monitoring System

Nobody will like bed bugs crawling on their skin. Bed bugs can cause many kinds of skin problems like rashes, allergies and skin infection and it also irritates a lot.

These parasitic insects can live any kind of condition and are very difficult to detect from naked eyes. You will need a good bug monitoring system to avoid bugs in your home and when it comes to quality bug monitoring system Delta Five system is one of the best devices to avoid bed bugs.

This device can be connected over Wi-Fi and with its non-toxic lures, it can detect bed bugs and other creepy crawlers such as ants, cockroaches, termites etc.

4. Robotic Gardeners

Do you find grass cutting in your garden boring? The robotic gardeners will make grass cutting a fun. This machine can be easily operated from your smartphone by an app.

This robotic gardener cuts the grass into a length of just a few millimeters. The fallen grass will works as a natural fertilizer after it gets composed naturally.


·        Wireless and battery-driven device
·        Produce little noise
·        Designed to work in wet conditions too
·        Easy to install and access

5. Smart Speakers

We do a lot of things on our smartphones and listening to music is one of them but if you like to listen to music louder then you has to go with a speaker. Your smartphone is great but it can’t match a speaker.

A wireless speaker will be great nobody wants to mess with the wires all the time. But what if your speaker can do more things except only playing music? It will be great.

Spend money on buying smart wireless speakers which can do a lot of things at a time such as scheduling deadlines, alarms, creating shopping lists, weather updates, sports updates etc and all it can do over voice commands.

Some of the best smart speakers are listed below:

·        Amazon Alexa
·        Google Home
·        Lenovo Smart Assistant
·        Apple HomePod
·        Sonos One

6.Smart Pillow

This smart pillow is just awesome (even these days pillows are also getting smarter). This pillow is smart and comfy at the same time made with super quality fabrics. This smart pillow is loaded with multiple features and can do a lot of tasks.


·        Detects user’s snoring and prevent it by automatic gentle vibrations
·        This pillow is developed to track the quality of your sleep
·        Send daily reports on your smartphone
·        Play soothing music for fast asleep
·        Can set alarms too

7. Smart Coffee Maker

A cup of coffee in the morning can make our day and if you also love coffee then this smart coffee machine is for you. This smart coffee maker can be connected and operated wirelessly through your smartphone.

Connect it with your Amazon Alexa and make a cup of superior quality coffee over a voice command.


·        Can be easily connected with other smart home devices including Amazon Alexa and Amazon Dash
·        Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
·        Provide best quality beverage
·        A hands-free temperature control system

8. Smart Watches

Smartwatches are one of the most popular smart gadgets of this era. These gadgets are small in size but can do a lot of task at a time.

The market is flooded with smartwatches but choosing a quality smartwatch is really overwhelming. Some of the popular smartwatch brands are Apple, Pebble, Motorola, Xiaomi, Samsung, Fitbit etc.

If you are looking for the features of smartwatches there are too many and here I have listed some of the features below.

·        Apps accessibility
·        Cellular connectivity
·        Health and fitness tracking
·        Compatibility with other smart devices
·        Works on voice command too

9. Smart lightnings and Switches

Assume that you have forgotten to turn off your home devices and lightings before leaving your house, now what will you do next? You are at a huge distance from your house and if you don’t have smart switches installed in your home you can’t do anything.

Spend money on buying smart switches and lighting which can be operated wirelessly from anywhere. Connect smart switches with your smartphone turn on or off your home devices wirelessly.


·        Integrated with motion sensors
·        Connect wirelessly over Wi-Fi or internet
·        Schedule your electronic devices
·        Can be connected with other smart home devices
·        Save electricity and prevent disasters

10. Pollution Monitoring Device

Many IoT gadgets available in the market which can track your health and fitness but a pollution monitoring device is itself a different kind of device.

These devices are developed to track the quality of air and sent data to your connected smartphone. With the help of these kinds of devices, you can analyze the health of the air and can create a real-time map of the quality of air around the world.

Final Thoughts

We are living in the world of machines and machines have made our life easier than ever. Nowadays many things are being connected wirelessly through the internet.

The IoT industry has grown drastically over the years with no sign of downfall. Everything is getting smarter and you must spend money on buying few IoT gadgets for your modern home this year.