Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study in USA

If study in an American University is on your list; or you are considering your study abroad options and are confused between countries, the following reasons might help you make a better choice. Here are the reasons why you should study in USA for your higher education.

1. Quality Education

According to QS University ranking 2019, the top 4 Universities in world are US Universities. Not only that, 157 Universities in USA feature in World University Rankings. The quality of education cannot get better than this. The top of the list includes names like MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University and CalTech. You can choose from any Universities in USA, and after you complete your studies, you will have a degree that will be recognized worldwide, and add to your CV.

2. Research and Training

Taking the above point further, education in USA is heavy on research output and practical aspects of the programs. These features of USA studies are a blessing to science and particularly STEM students. The OPT, optional practical training is a temporary job training in your field of study. This way, you can have an industry experience even before your programs are over. There are 62 members in AAU (Association of American Universities) which consists of top research universities in USA. The association includes members like MIT, Stanford, Harvard and 59 other top ranked prestigious US Universities know for their research contribution.

3. Future Prospects

A degree obtained in one of the prestigious study abroad destinations, goes a long way. The employers looking for candidates with special skills and different perspectives often zero in on US students. With variety of courses and quality of education on offer, a US degree is something that makes you employable all around the world. In short, study in USA will open up a number of international opportunities for you after the studies are over. It broadens your career path, gives it the proper direction, and even helps you jump start your career.

4. The American Way of Life

If diversity could be defined with a name of a country, it would be USA. The country takes pride in the Freedom it provides to its citizens, and the opportunities it provides to them. The student life in USA, unlike many countries, is not limited to colleges and campus. The country is made of 50 states, and not one of them is what you call boring. There is always some experience waiting for you round the corner no matter you are. From New York in east, to western sunny beaches of California, USA is a happening country, buzzing with events, festivals, fares, concerts and of course, night clubs.

5. Safe Country for Students

With all the fun, USA provides a safety that sometimes you will find strict, but necessary. The country is very unapologetic about the safety standards, and rightly so. As for the international students, the same authorities are helpful when it comes to student safety. The security staff is always available, and the major Universities have specialized security units on campus all the time. International students can contact the help desks and they will be guided to the best of the possibilities. 

Auther Bio - Dhruv is fond of words and everything related to them. Writing about different things from around the world gives him immense pleasure, and a very healthy by-product is sharing of the information and helping others in the process.