Top 8 Low Cost Pool Maintenance Tips

Having a pool in your home is fun, but it needs regular care and attention to keep it clean throughout the year. The pool owners are required to spend a lot of money on their maintenance. The cost of maintenance is always a significant issue among the pool owners. 

However, it is possible to lower down the costs of pool maintenance. With proper use of some devices and regular care, you can reduce the maintenance costs significantly. This post shares some useful tips that pool owners can use to lower the costs.

Introduce a Wind Break 

Pool water evaporates just like the water in any other source. Evaporation occurs in the presence of wind or sunlight. As a pool owner, you spend on chemicals and devices to keep the water clean and free from bacteria.  When the water evaporates, you lose all your efforts with it. Therefore it is better to retain the water by introducing a windbreak. You can reduce the flow of wind to decrease the rate of evaporation and also the need of adding water to your pool. 

Cover your Pool with a Shed

Another way to decrease the rate of evaporation is to cover your pool with a shed. It will stop the sunlight from entering your pool, and the rate of evaporation will be reduced. Covering the pool is the best way for retaining the pool water and also save it from external debris. 

Variable Speed Pump

If you have a single speed pump in your pool, you must replace it with a variable speed pump. According to ONGA pool pumps the variable speed pumps can save you over 300 dollars every year. The savings are significant in the locations where the pools are used throughout the year.  Moreover, pool owners can use the energy star certified pumps to save on the electricity costs. 

Use a Large Filter

Using a large filter can save you a lot on the electricity bills. Large pool filters are more efficient and last longer than the small filters. They don’t need replacement as soon as the small filters. Although it costs more to install a large filter it saves you loads of money on the electricity bills. Sometimes you need to run the pump overnight, and large pumps are more efficient to run for long durations. 

Maintain the Chemicals

It is essential for the pool owners to maintain the chemicals in the water to keep it clean. You need to spend more on chemicals if their balance disrupts due to non-maintenance. It is better to check the pool chemicals regularly and add the chemicals at the right time to save on the cost of professional help. 

Use a Pool Chlorinator

Chlorine is vital for pool water cleaning. It kills the bacteria and other microorganisms in the pool water and makes it fit for swimming. However, you need to add chlorine at regular intervals to maintain its balance in the water. A pool chlorinator is the best alternative to the manual addition of chlorine. 

After installing a pool chlorinator, you don’t need to add chlorine as it automatically produces the required amount of chlorine from the salt. You are required to add a sufficient amount of salt and check its level regularly. A pool chlorinator may cost you at the time of installation, but it will save money on chlorine over the years. 

Use a Tennis Ball

Pool water is contaminated with oils and lotions form the bodies of swimmers, and the oils stay on the surface. Pool owners call a professional to clean the surface oils who charge them. The chlorine in pool water reacts with these oils and breaks them to form other compounds. It also reduces the amount of chlorine in the water.

However, you can throw a tennis ball into the pool, and it will absorb all the oils on the surface of the water. The fluffy surface and the material of tennis ball can quickly absorb the oils. 

Clean your Filters

Pool filters if not cleaned regularly can get clogged and need professional assistance for cleaning. Moreover, the clogged filters work inefficiently and use more energy to work. Also clean the skimmer basket and strainer regularly to avoid them from getting clogged. Cleaning the filters and skimmer can save the costs of professional help. 

Final Words

These are the best low-cost pool maintenance tips that can save you hundreds of dollars every year. You can spend a little time to keep track of the pool equipment and chemical balance without the need for professional assistance. 

Train your housekeeping staff to check the health of pool water regularly, and you can save money on professional maintenance. However, you will need to learn many things about pool maintenance to maintain it on your own. Following the tips from this post, you can manage your pool equipment and keep the water sparkling clean throughout the year.