Top Brands for Keyboard Instruments

Keyboards are the most popular musical instruments played around the world. You will never see a music event happening without playing a keyboard. The field of music requires a lot of patience, talent and practice to achieve perfection. However, the quality of music also depends on the quality of the instruments you use for playing.  

Many companies offer high-quality musical instruments like guitars, violins, drum sets, and keyboards. If you are looking to buy a keyboard, this post can help you to check the top brands that manufacture pianos for professional musicians. 


Yamaha is known for building high-quality musical instruments. It is one of the best companies manufacturing the musical keyboards.  It also makes other instruments like guitars, but its digital piano is the most sold product across the world. 

Yamaha offers the graded hammer action keys, wave sampling technology tone and voice selection, and many other features in its digital pianos.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality keyboard for professional players, it also provides the instruments for beginners. Moreover, the cost of pianos is not too high as beginners can even afford to buy them.   Beginners looking to learn the piano can buy the Yamaha P series keyboards that are good in quality and available at reasonable prices. 


Second, comes the Casio that is another manufacturer of high-quality musical keyboards. Although Casio is a well know brand for watches and calculators, its keyboards are quite popular among musicians. It offers good quality of keyboards for the beginners as well as professionals at affordable prices. 

Casio combines the musical innovation with a high-end design to provide the customers with some of the best musical keyboards. The brand uses graded hammer action technology combined with wave generation technology to produce keyboards. 

Not only for advanced-level instruments but the company provides most of these tech features in the all of its keyboards. Buying a Casio digital piano can prove to be a wise and long-term investment for music players. 

If you are searching a digital piano in Melbourne, you can search for a keyboard store Melbourne for popular brands like Yamaha and Casio.


Roland is another best company that makes digital pianos to provide real sound. The brand is one of the best digital keyboards available in the markets. Its keyboards mimic the tone of a grand piano too well that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two without seeing them. Roland is known for its reliability, good quality material, and efficiency.  

Roland’s engineers work hard on the sound sampling, tone selection and connectivity to offer the customer the best quality of music. Users and use the Roland digital pianos for a variety of activities like instruction and recording the music performance.

The main advantage of Roland is that its keyboards are available for every person’s needs. No matter what is your expertise, or budget or preferences, you can be sure that there is a Roland piano to meet your expectations.


Kawai is a popular brand known for its wide range of digital keyboards. There is a large variety in the different styles and colors. Also, many of the Kawai piano models are cheaper than the same category of pianos from popular brands like Casio and Yamaha.

Kawai makes high-quality digital keyboards for all categories of musicians and music players. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert player, Kawai has a piano for you regardless of your experience. 

The brand has taken the sounds and tones from their grand pianos and offers the same quality in their digital music keyboards. 

Buying a musical keyboard from Kawai ensures the perfect duplication of the sound notes and expressions of the standard pianos. The brand focuses on offering a high-quality listening experience as while producing the music keyboards.


Korg is a well-known brand to provide durable, yet expensive, digital music keyboards for expert musicians who are always ready to perform in the music events and concerts.

The Korg digital pianos have a creative edge over their competitors in the industry as expert musicians use their skills and experience in its manufacturing. 

You will love to experiment with new sounds after you buy and use a Korg instrument. Korg musical keyboards are quite reliable as its quality rivals many of the top brands like Casio and Yamaha. Korg offers a wide range o digital keyboard for all types of music players. 

Even the low-cost models of Korg can stand well to rival the expensive varieties offered by other piano manufacturers in the industry. 

Final Words

These are the top five brands offering high-quality music keyboards across the world. All the brands are available in the major cities of Australia. If you visit a keyboard store Melbourne, you can find the instruments of most of these brands within your budget. The best point of these brands is that they offer the products for beginners as well as experts.