Top Exercise Machines for Cardio

Cardio workouts are best for weight loss, but cardio is not easy. Most people struggle to perform 30 minutes of cardio that is essential for weight loss. When you enter a gym you can see many machines for cardio, however, exercising on them is not easy.
 Choosing the best machines for cardio workouts is difficult. Some offer a good exercise for your upper body while some are best for lower body. Some are specially designed for your core as the core plays a vital role in weight loss. 

Cardio is great for losing weight and staying fit. After reading this post, you will be able to choose the best exercise machines for cardio to meet your weight loss goals. 


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A treadmill is one of the best machines for cardio and weight loss. It offers your body a natural workout. It makes your body move as it is meant to move. Moreover, it is quite easy to use as all you need to do is start the machine and push the arrows to set the speed of the machine. 

It is best to work out on a treadmill without holding the handle and let your body run on the machine. Doing this will make the workout more intense and more effective. 

Stair Mill

Stair mill was also known as step mill is a machine having steps that users climb like a staircase. Exercising on a stair mill is similar to climbing a real staircase. The only difference is that in a real staircase the stairs are stationary, but here the stairs also move with your body. 

Jacobs Ladder

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Jacobs ladder is similar to a stair mill with the only difference that in this machine the user also holds the stair with hands. While you exercise your lower body on a step mill, the Jacobs ladder provides a complete body workout.  The machine targets your arms, core, legs, and shoulders. 

Although the machine is not very popular, some gyms have installed it for their customers. The downside to this machine is that it is not available in all the gyms.

Rowing Machine

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You can see the rowing machine in most of the gyms.  Although it looks like a machine for upper body workout, it helps you exercise your entire body. It provides an excellent workout to your shoulders, chest, back, thighs, and glutes with a single exercise. 

It offers a big range of movement for your entire body and can burn hundreds of calories within 15 minutes. However, you need to be careful of using the correct technique while performing the exercise. A little deviation in the pulling technique or posture can reduce the effectiveness of the workout. 

Spin Bike

A spin bike is like riding a bicycle but with high resistance level. A spin bike is great for HIIT workouts as you can do long distance sessions with high-intensity intervals. However, sitting on a spin bike for long durations can lead to back pain in the next morning. 

People with lower back pain should use it in moderation as the seat is small and it can put more strain on their back. However, spin bike offer great for cardio workouts when used with high resistance. The spin bikes are quite popular in Australia. If you live in or around Brisbane you can look for the exercise bikes Brisbane.

Elliptical Trainer

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An elliptical trainer is a versatile machine that offers a workout for the entire body. When you exercise on an elliptical trainer, your legs receive a stair mill like a workout while your upper body gets a lighter workout.

You also move your arms and shoulders while exercising on an elliptical trainer. It is best for the people who want full body cardio within minutes. The best point of this machine is that it is suitable for users who want to do low resistance workouts. The machine used the weight of your body for providing you the exercise. 


Skierg is a rowing machine, but it is used while standing instead of sitting. The machine is designed to offer the users an upper body workout. You can use it in various ways to exercise your arms, shoulders, back, and triceps. Moreover, you can use it to exercise your thighs by standing in a partial squat posture. 

A skierg is ideal for those who don’t want to exercise by sitting on cardio bikes or machines. The gym instructors may not recommend it for losing weight as it is only meant for upper body workouts. 

Final Words

These machines are ideal to use for cardio workouts. People who aim to lose weight should know the correct use of such machines. You can choose to use these machines, but it is good to use them as instructed by your gym trainer. They train you about the correct use of cardio machines to meet your fitness goals in the minimum possible time.