Tromso Nordic Lights| Northern Lights in Tromsø


The second you see it in a picture, it’s likely to become one of your lifegoals. It’s the Aurora Borealis. Streams, curves and curtains of magical light dancing in the sky, slowly changing shape and becoming the must-tell tale of your entire life.


The Northern Lights are often considered one of the most incredible shows our planet has to offer: nobody ever forgets the first time they experience the Aurora with their own eyes. What happens is that the energy particles coming from the sun collide with the earth’s atmosphere somewhere between 50 and 800 kilometres above the ground: from that moment on, it’s just magic.
The collision with the gasses coming from the surface of our planet generates a natural phenomenon which immediately becomes a moving fairy-tale. A truly enchanting place where our imagination can wander free: some see colourful spikes shooting into the sky like charmed lava, some others see ancient mythological palaces or Viking ships sailing into the night.


If somebody knew when the Lights would come out, they would probably be rich beyond imagination. The bare-knuckle truth is that is extremely hard to predict as it depends entirely on solar activity. Having said that, it is indeed true that there are general rules which would facilitate your hunt. The winter months are absolutely the best period of the year to set off on your journey: dark skies come with shorter days. Be prepared: it’s going to be extremely cold, but it will definitely be more likely for you to see the Lights in those atmospheric conditions.


The people who live in Tromsø, Norway’s northernmost city, are definitely some of the most experienced Northern Lights watchers of the world. They think of the Aurora as a diva whose mood easily changes: you have to court her like a beautiful lady, devote your time to her and only then she might be willing to come out. Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromsø is definitely your ideal base for discovering the Arctic wonders. In addition to the wealth of culture andlocal history, Tromsø is located right under a specific magnetic field which causes the lights to be pretty much always on: still, the night must be very clear to see the Aurora from the city. If this adventure sounds like you, then definitely book a room for the winter months in advance and save quite some money.


It’s no surprise that people from all over the world go north in winter days. To simply stand, even just once, under this natural wonder is nourishment for the soul. The Aurora Borealis is impossible to put into words: it’s a full experience made of mystery and inexplicable emotions. So, don’t miss your chance to chase the Northern Lights.