Understanding Instagram from a Web Designer’s Perspective

The Internet is loaded with web design inspiration and UX coming from all directions.  Right from the hot favorite social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter to the really focused channels like Dribbble and Medium, there is no dearth of web design inspiration online. According to https://www.statista.com, there are more than 500 million daily active users on Instagram which is a hot favorite social media platform for designers, artists, photographers, and developers for getting huge inspiration from one another.

The visual-oriented platform allows you to take a look into the actual work and lives of individuals and companies you follow and even gives you the opportunity to share fascinating glimpses and moments from your life as well. As per statista.com, about 60 percent of all the registered Instagrammers is known to visit the networking site every day and that there are 1 billion MAUs on this phenomenally popular platform. Instagram is forecasted to grow by 15 percent in the next couple of years. Thanks to the highly impressive Instagram features, it is but natural for qualified web designers to share their work, workflow, news, design processes, and design ideas as well.

The Striking Advantages of Instagram in the Eyes of a Web Designer’

Let us understand the real advantages of using Instagram, as far as, a web designer is concerned.

Ingenuity Always Pays

If you are capable of providing people the news about all the latest developments in your precise niche, numerous people would be following you and they would become devoted readers of your posts and sincere followers. Once you have shown to the world how reliable and trustworthy you are as a source for providing latest web design news, more and more people would be coming back to you and you would be treated as an authority and they would enjoy going through your expert posts. This way you could boost more followers for Instagram.

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Trust is the Foundation of All Relationships

Know, Like, Trust, and then Commit. This means that only when Instagrammers come to know you well, they would like you, and once they are convinced they would trust you. When they think you are trustworthy, they would be promoting you automatically. They would employ your services as a web designer and would be encouraging and motivating you. This could be a time-consuming process but it is definitely worth the wait.

Content Is Surely the King

If you go on generating high-quality content one after another, again and again, Google would be driving increased organic traffic directly to your website.

Sales 24x7

As there is no need to close the online digital office, you may go on selling when you are in deep sleep. Social media is usually a term which is acceptable and understood very much on a purely global scale. When you are sleeping at night, there would still be some other places in the world that are awake and doing some shopping the morning or afternoon or evening hours.


A web designer could make the most of Instagram, the powerful social media platform that could be used as a brilliant marketing tool. Moreover, there are many cutting-edge design tools available to boost efficiency. In this context, you must realize that the main deterrent is surely the learning curve. With a little bit of effort and some dedication, you could overcome all challenges.