Why Makita is The Best Brand for Air Compressor

Makita is a prominent tools company and doing business with success. Makita corporation belongs to Japan, founded in 1915. Apart from Asia, Makita is the best tools’ brand in both Europe and America. Makta is producing thousands of tools every day and also well accepted by the consumers.

Here I will talk about Makita’s innovate 3 air compressors equipped with state of the art technology. They are Makita MAC700, Makita MAC2400 and Makita MAC5200. Every single model from here is meant for a particular group of users. 

Here in all the models Makita has implemented their big bore technology for the pump. Let’s talk about a bit about the pump that every single air compressor should have to store air. The of an air compressor sucks air and send to the air tank. A pump contains piston and cylinder. When the piston and cylinder is big enough, they can inhale a good amount of air and also deliver same amount of air into the air compressor tank. 

This big bore technology is only implemented by the giant Makita Corporation. Whereas other compressors take long time to replenish an air compressor tank, Makita can finish it in very short time. This is reason Makita is one of best air compressor brand in the market today along with DeWalt, California Air Tools and Rolair. 

The first model Makita MAC700 is designed for the users who need an air compressor for personal use. It also ideal for serious home garage owners who require air compressor daily but not heavy types of work like sanding, spray painting and so on. 

This unit comes with a 2.0 HP motor and 2.6-gallon air compressor tank. This is one of the favorite choice to the owners who need a noiseless air compressor. It produces only 79 decibels of sound. So, don’t worry about any complain from your neighbors.

Producing 3.3 CFM at the rate of 90 PSI, this air compressor is more than enough for indoor use. It requires 120 volts and draws 12 amperes. It is an oil-less unit which means long lasting.    

Makita MAC2400 is a bit more powerful than Makita MAC700. Whereas Makita MAC700 is favored by the users for light job, Makita MAC2400 is chosen by the owners for medium job types. This device has 2.5 HP motor and 3.2-gallon air compressor tank. 

120-volt electric outlet can easily power this air compressor since only 12.3 amperes is needed for this machine. Though this compressor is bigger than Makita MAC700, but creates same decibels of sound. Similar to Makita MAC700, the pump of this air compressor is engineered with lubricated feature. 

Makita MAC5200 is the most powerful air compressor among the three. Having 3.0 HP motor and 5.2-gallon air tank, this machine is power beast. You can operate any power full air tools with this air compressor. You will get 6.5 CFM from this giant device at 90PSI. To let you know, 140 PSI tank pressure will be available when the air compressor tank is fully loaded. So, you can run tools for longer time. 

In conclusion, Makita is always my favorite air compressor brand. To write this article, I collected information from this website: Air Compressor Guru.