5 Fabulous Decor Ideas For The Christmas Table

After the pleasure of finding beautiful nature-inspired deco ideas for an autumn table, it's finally time for the Christmas version! The time of year that everyone looks forward to...

Here are 5 ideas to decorate your table at Christmas this year..All simple enough to achieve, without having to spend a fortune  And especially that gives all a beautiful result!

1. Paper Bags

Natural branches contained in brown paper bags? It's so easy and so great at the same time. Who would have thought that such an ordinary element of everyday life could give such an interesting and even sophisticated result?

The spirit of the look: Rustic and natural
  • Brown paper bags with handles. These were painted with white gouache in a very simple way, to simulate snow. This step is optional.
  • Branches of evergreens, shrubs or perennials picked out. For more stability in the arrangement, it is best to place the branches in a small vase, Mason jar or similar container (no need for water). The container is then deposited at the bottom of the bag.
  • Star mini-ornaments (it could be of any shape)
  • Jute twine to attach an ornament around the paper bag
  • Candles placed on small bottles of carbonated drink in glass, also painted with white gouache.
  • Candles placed in molds with antique petit fours.
  • Branches with berries (or cheekbones) picked out and then dropped in the middle of the table.

Would also work with this look:
  • Cookie cutters for Christmas cookies instead of ornaments
  • Different sizes of glass bottles to put candles
  • Ornaments of snowflakes
  • Crystal keys (glasses, vases, etc.)

2. Christmas Hygge

This project comes directly from Denmark, so we can’t be more hygge!

The spirit of the look: minimalist Scandinavian
A box, a tray, a shallow tray or a golden serving dish. For example, it would be possible to paint the simple bottom of a cardboard box with a golden spray paint. Or to apply gold leaf (not real there, it's not very expensive!) Brush with glue. It can be purchased at craft stores.
White candles all alike (held by low candlesticks)
Small branches with berries. Similar plants can be purchased from a florist (for example, white Hypercom). It could also be fake!

Would also work with this look:
  • Branches eucalyptus
  • Pine cones
  • Table runner or wool placemats (or wool balls on the table!)
  • Birch bark (from a branch already fallen)
  • Mini-lights with batteries

3. Retro fir Trees

There is something so dapper in the use of many bright colors for the decor of the holiday season! It change, it's very happy and everyone will remember! Small old-fashioned artificial firs, made from brushes for cleaning bottles, have become easy to find, for example in dollar stores, places where decorative items, craft stores, etc. are sold.

The spirit of the look: Colorful and vibrant

Assortment of Christmas trees in bottle brush, different colors and sizes
  • Colorful tablecloth
  • False snow
  • Nutcracker Ornaments
  • Mini tassel garland
  • Mini-boxes packed in colored paper, with a label place-mark for each guest.

Would also work with this look:
  • Metallic and shiny garlands and ice cubes
  • Colorful Christmas balls, different sizes
  • Vintage Christmas village houses
  • Old-fashioned candies (eg barley sugar)
  • Snowballs

4. White and Copper

A sweet look, with white as the base color, plus the inspiration of the copper Sunday dinnerware of many of our grandmothers!The spirit of this look: Nobility and simplicity

Branches of bare trees, painted white with spray paint

Vases or glass bottles

Christmas Balls in Copper, Brass or Rose Gold Color

Copper crockery items. It does not have to be functional - like this cup to make Mule- style cocktails - but simply decorations nicely placed on the table. It can be a shaker, cake molds, serving dishes, pans, bowls, measuring cups, utensils, etc.
  • Branches of fresh rosemary
  • Slices of dried citrus fruits.
  • Would also work with this look:
  • Grandma's silverware instead of copper
  • Clementine with leaves and stems, or kumquats
  • Ancient candlesticks
  • Candles in copper shades
  • White flowers like roses
  • Hazelnuts with the hull.

5. Eternal Poinsettias

Poinsettias are the most popular plant at Christmas, but this table decoration makes us appreciate it with a completely new eye. Treated as cut flowers instead of being part of a plant with the pot, they are completely different!

The spirit of this look: Classic revisited

Poinsettia flowers cut from a plant. We must remove all the green leaves and cut the stem not too long, so that the flower fits well in his glass. It is best to do this the same day, since poinsettias do not last long when cut.

Glasses of different heights to place the flowers.
  • Natural linen napkins
  • Mini candy canes
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Small branches of cedar

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