7 Benefits Of Applying Hair And Body Oil

Autumn signifies one of the most colorful times of the year. It is the time when the leaves fall from the trees as it prepares for winter and a time for when the leaves of the tree turn bright orange and red. This beautiful season also signifies the unwanted dry weather which brings about dry hair, skin and even nails. It’s certainly a challenging task to maintain moisturized but with precious hair and body oil in Kuwait, your body would thank you.

Here are a few reasons why you should make hair and body oil a part of your daily routine.

1: Moisturizes Skin

Compared to body lotions, body oils have the astonishing ability to lock in more moisture than lotions. Its lightweight nature allows it to penetrate the layers of the skin for ultimate impact. Therefore, oils have the ability to lock in moisture for hours on and without the greasy and sticky feeling. But a general rule of thumb is the drier the skin, the heaviest the oil should be.

2: Moisturizes and Tames Hair

It’s also great for your hair as oils also have vitamins and minerals which prove to be highly beneficial for your hair. It really doesn’t matter what type of oil you use as not only can it add much needed moisture to your hair, but it can also tame your hair. Therefore, small drops are ideal on those uncontrollable days while also providing well-needed nourishment without completely weighing down your hair – a win-win situation.

3: Cost Effective

When compared to creams and lotions, you’ll be surprised by how little oil you’ll need to effectively do the job. Try applying it to wet skin as this increases absorption which provides complete coverage and moisture. A little certainly goes a long way and some oils even have a shelf life of about two years. Therefore, even though the initial cost is slightly higher than your regular lotion, it’s clear that only one of them has the ability to last much longer.

4: Repairs and Protects the Skin

Oils are naturally filled with antioxidants as well as vitamins that repair and protect the skin but certain oils are definitely more nutritious than others. Be sure to read the labels for active ingredients as different oils have different impacts. For instance, oils with geranium would place a role in improving the skin's elasticity. Likewise, oils with rosehip would penetrate into the skin to deliver its nutrients while repairing the cells. Therefore, it’s mainly due to the nutrients available which repairs, heals and promotes additional protection for the skin.

5: Fades Stretch Marks

Due to the fact that oils have the ability to penetrate deeply, this also makes them an effective remedy for stretch marks. Stretch marks are most visible when the skin becomes overstretched to the point of tearing. Therefore, oils with antioxidant properties which focus on repairing and healing are best suited for fading stretch marks.

6: Improves Your Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Body oils also have the power to relax and rejuvenate. Lavender is known for its therapeutic benefits, therefore, pick a body oil whose main feature is therapeutic and calming to fully experience aromatherapy in its most practical setting.

7: Strengthens Your Hair

Brittle and dry hair simply breaks – it’s a well-known fact. Especially in dry weather, it’s essential to have healthy and nourished hair follicles. You’ll also realize that once your hair is nourished with indispensable nutrients, your hair will also grow.

Without a doubt, precious hair and body oil in Kuwait should be added to your daily beauty routine for its numerous benefits without the oiliness that most people associate with oils.
Be sure to keep an eye out because not all oils are good oils.

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