Best 5 Beaches For Water Sports On Canada Holidays

Canada has been doing so much for the people who are interested to come to Canada and live a life there. From increasing its admission targets for 2019 to making the procedure easier for its programs like Quebec investor visa program, it is doing everything to accommodate the newcomers. 

However, apart from the immigration to Canada, it is also one of the most chosen countries for a holiday so if you are planning for one then you should definitely consider Canada as your holiday destination. 

When people usually think about Canada, they think of it as a wonderland but that is not the case and if you are also thinking it to be one then you couldn’t be wrong about it. Canada is the country which has numerous shorelines which are stretching farther than what you could have imagined. There are thousand kilometers of lakeshores which are big and small and then you also have waterfront which would give you the experience of your life. It is something which would make you fall in love with the country more than what you thought. So here are the best 5 beaches for Water sports on Canada holidays which would give you all the sunny beach fun that you have been looking for! 

Skaha Beach:

The beach which is located in British Columbia is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It is located at the south end and you would find a bunch of teenagers who would be playing volleyball and there would be kids who would be seen running around the grassy park. The beach has picnic tables since many of the people come here to have a nice picnic and also spend quality time with each other. It is the beach which has held a lot of sand art competition.

Parlee Beach:

The beach is known to have the warmest salt water and is located at the north of Virginia where you would find flock of people as this beach has its own attractions. People come to see the beautiful sea along with other water sports like beach volleyball and the sand sculpture competition are the main attractions of the beach. The wow factor of the beach is that there have been discovered the largest lobster in the world which is a 90 –tonne statue. 

Singing Sand Beach:

You can tell by its name that it is one exciting place to visit and that is something which you wouldn’t wanna miss. It has the perfect shaped silica and quartz sand which is known to be making the squeaking sound and that is how the beach got its name too. There is golfing which you can do while visiting this beach and one thing that you need to be sure is that it’s wouldn’t be like any golf match which you have played as this beach has its own way of making it to be spectacular experience. The water is warm and it has serene atmosphere which would grip you. 

Cobourg Beach:

Ontario lake isn’t the one for which you can say it is known for its crystal clear water but Cobourg beach has crystal clear water. There is plenty of soft sand and a beautiful shoreline.

Manitou Beach:

This beach has a resort village, which offers more than just a relaxing spa, and you would be assured that it has everything for everyone regardless of the age. The water is amazingly dense and you can experience weightlessness without having to go on a NASA shuttle sine there is too much salt in the sea which makes it dense.