Get out on the Water During your Visit to Key West

Key West boat rentals come in a lot of shapes and sizes, ready to take you out on the water right now. There's an option for everyone, whether you want to get out to the reef for some snorkeling, into the backcountry for some flats fishing, or just to poke around the harbor and view the sunset. You can rent a boat the hour, for a half day, a full day, or weekly or monthly. There are different Key West boat rentals for every boating situation you can dream up. So get a boat, get out there on the water and have a blast!

There are choices galore. Do you want to drive out to the reef in front of Key West, about six miles out? You can look for Key West boat rentals that offer 21-foot center consoles for fishing on or just beyond the reef. With Key West boat rentals, you're the captain! And no boating license is required. Go where you want to go and when you want. Chase that big fish or anchor up in your chosen spot and do some bottom fishing. You might get a Grouper!

If you plan on trying your hand at some flats fishing without a guide, then Key West boat rentals can set you up with a flats boat, too. Zip across the flats around Key West and pole along the shallow water looking for bonefish and permit. Soak up the sun and feel the serenity as you glide effortlessly and silently through the backcountry, just you and your friends or family. Key West boat rentals can make it happen.

If your idea of a vacation on the water is an easy cruise on calm waters holding a tropical drink as you watch the sun go down, the Key West boat rentals can offer you a pontoon boat. These big beauties are perfect for larger groups that want to just relax on the inshore waters in calm weather. Large and stable, pontoon boats are considered the party boats of the fleet at most Key West boat rental agencies. If you don't need to zip around and you're not going far, pontoon boats are a good choice.

Key West boat rentals come with life vests for all people on the boat as well as coolers, flare kit, fire extinguisher, signal device, dock lines, marine radio, anchor, rope, bimini, and local area chart.

All you need is a driver's license, a major credit card, and boating experience. Keep an eye out for brown water, which means you risk running aground in shallows. Pay attention to other boaters, especially boats that have a dive flag out. Stay at least 300 feet from any boat that flays a diver down flag. The Key West boat rental agency will supply you with everything you need for your day on the water, but common sense will go a long way too! The goal is to have fun and enjoy your Key West vacation. The possibilities are endless!