Join the Latest Trend of Smokers: Vape Smoking vs. Conventional Smoking

Nowadays the term “e-cig” has gained a lot of popularity among quite a number of consumers. The past few years have stood witness to the rise in popularity of "e-cig," and vape shops.E-cig or electronic cigarettes are not a modern day invention and have been around for quite several years. These devices are cleverly crafted to offer you a smoking alternative. If you are someone who wants to fix your nicotine addiction, then this is the perfect solution for you. Of course, there are other uses of electronic vapor than to help you quit smoking. 

A lot of people use it as a recreation and for socializing in several cultures across the globe. These cigarettes have evolved a lot over the past few years and are much more user-friendly now compared to their past versions. Now, these devices come in small sizes and bear a resemblance to an actual cigarette. The average e-cigarette is about 100mm long, the same as your ordinary cigarettes. These devices give its users the taste of real tobacco, but without the actual substance itself.

What is a Vapor Cigar?

If you love smoking cigarettes, then this is something you must know about. Vapor cigars are an artificial cigarette alternative that provides you with the same sensation as a regular cigarette. With time, their style and design have changed a lot, and now they resemble normal cigarettes. The main attraction of these cigarettes is that they can create the same sensation of a regular cigar, without the damages of burning, smoke or smell. Vapor cigars are based on the same technology that fuels e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Since these cigarettes cannot produce any smell or stink; you are left feeling fresh, even after smoking them. The LED ash end of the cigarette lights up when you take a puff.  This effect replicates the maneuver of a real cigarette. Another feature of the modern day e-cigarette is that it comes wrapped in brown cigar paper. If you are looking to start fixing your nicotine addiction, then these cigarettes are a great alternative for you.

Origin of the Vapor Cigarettes

The vapors originated in China. They were devised by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. Lik designed this device to help cigarette smokers enjoy a “smoking” experience without having to inhale actual toxic tobacco. He patented his device since the year 2003. The company that he worked for changed its name to Ruyan, which means "like smoke."After the year 2007, e-cigarettes made their way to Europe and the United States too. Early enthusiastic smokers used to try them out and would buy starter kits that came with rechargeable batteries and refill cartridges. The cartridges were needed to be screwed onto the batteries. The earliest models of the device were based on the earlier vapors itself. Social media played an important role in keeping the vapors in the loop.  People would discuss the gears, tips, and techniques over various social platforms. Although it is after 2010, the vaping industry showed immense growth.

How does Electronic Cigarette Work?

If you are searching for a cleaner, healthier option to smoke cigarettes, then you can join the latest craze of e-cigarettes.E-cigarettes use a lithium battery, also known as; an atomizer, or a refillable nicotine chamber, that allows an individual to smoke it like a regular cigarette. There is a liquid or “smoke juice” filled in the device, which is really propylene glycol. This is an FDA approved additive that is used in a lot of food. When you're smoking, the smoke-like vapor is released, and the end of the cigarette lights up as a signal. If you avail these devices from the best vapor bars in your area, then you will see that they come in a variety in terms of strength and flavor of the e-liquid. This way, you have complete control over how much nicotine you're inhaling at a time. On an average, the effect of one nicotine cartridge lasts about the same amount of time as 15 to 20 real cigarettes. 

How can you Get e-Cigarettes?

People, who are interested in purchasing electronic cigarettes, can visit any vapor bars in their area. Vapor bars and vape shop are the best places to get these items. They even offer you an alternative smoking ambiance. Not only you can buy the products over there, but they also provided you with a lounge, where you can sit and enjoy, along with other e-cig users. Many reputed e-liquid vape shops provide popular brands of the product. You can even get discounts on e-cig brands like Label elixir, Cosmic Fog, Naked 100, etc. You can have them shipped anywhere in the world too. A lot of these bars offer high-quality entertainment along with it, and you can enjoy them at the comfort of a lounge area. E-vapor cigarettes slowly have become a popular way to relax and escape. You will also get flavored e-liquid in these places. You can now avail e-cigarettes online too, as a lot of companies are selling there to make their products more popular to the consumers.


Electronic cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes, and they are a great and fun way to consume nicotine. Manufacturers now offer various designer e-cigarettes that look exactly like regular cigarettes, but does not contain the harmful tobacco and do not require to be lighted up. These battery-powered smoking devices are becoming a rage, and you can start smoking them to stay updated with the latest trends. The vape shops even offer you indoor smoking, since these cigarettes release vapor, not smokes. They are also less harmful because they do not contain harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar that are present in a regular cigarette. E-cigarettes are undoubtedly a much healthier substitute to tobacco smoking. It has been reported by some regular smokers, that e-cigarettes have helped them fix their "smoker's cough," and sharpened their sense of taste and smell along with it. These cigarettes have been reported to improve sleep too.


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