Tips on Buying Shearling Leather Coats and How to Take Good Care Of Them

A shearling leather coat is usually as warm as a random puffer coat and if you buy the right one you would look as badass as the hottest Hollywood celebrity. Think about bringing out the utmost hotness by wearing a leather coat and riding a super cruiser motorbike, yes, you would look no less than Ernesto Guevara form ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’. Now, if you add a little use of shearling on it, it would become a perfect shearling leather coat for winters and would make you look splendid.

On the other hand, if you’re not careful and pick something that wouldn’t suit you, you may end up looking more like an extra in one of the episodes of G.O.T. So, follow these tips to pull off the coat that would suit best on you.

Go for genuine shear: 

You should know that fake shearling or synthetically produced substitutes of shearling that look just like the real ones are not breathable as per the specialists, moreover, they look cheap and you can simply know this by touching and feeling it. Therefore, make sure the shearling coat you purchase has 100 percent real shearling furs; they may be lambskin or sheepskin with a short woolen under-layer. The original shearing leather coats may cost you a good amount but trust me it would be a one-time investment and you wouldn’t need to buy another shearling coat for ‘at least’ 3-4 years. If you want to go a little lower on the price you can pick one in which only the collar is made of shearling.

Be different: 

It’s totally okay to be odd, I mean to pick an odd color. Here, when I say odd this simply means you can pick a color that is not as much popular as some mainstream colors such as black, brown, and chocolate. If cherry color suits you better you should definitely go for it simply because it would enhance your looks and would make you stand out from the crowd. Some other colors you can try navy blue, charcoal grey, sea green, and khaki color.

Smart Fit is the best hit:

 Try a coat before buying, ah yes, it is pretty obvious but focus on it’s fitting. Avoid looking like a coat hanger or making the coat suffer being tight on you. Choose one of the shearing leather coats that fit best on you.

How to clean one?

Never ever clean a shearling coat in a washing machine or dryer. It is strictly advised to use either air-dry your shearling coat or use dry cleaners. Using washing machines could damage your coat in a serious way, if not ruin it.

The next thing may be tough for you to follow but it is an affordable and beneficial way to take good care of your coasts. You should frequently clean your coat which simply depends on how often you wear them; however, shearling picks up dust and dirt easily.

If you don’t clean it regularly, the dirt may get settled into the shearling furs and then it would be tough to eliminate. With regular cleaning, you would be able to avoid such cleaning problems easily and keep your shearing leather coats looking new and fresh for years to come.