Top 10 Fixed Asset Management Software 2018

Every organization require a reliable system to manage and handle different types of organizational tasks. Inventions in technology have brought new systems and software to make the tasks simpler. For managing Fixed assets of the enterprise, we have listed down market’s best Fixed Asset Management Software. If you are searching for a new Asset Management Software, then you must follow this list. 

ProSeries Fixed Asset Management

This software is highly used by professional accounting experts who are managing accounts department of the organization. It is designed with new generation features to simplify different tasks. You just need to enter the details, and the software will prepare reports itself. 

Easy integration, pre-defined reports, client management and many other features are available in this software. 


KloudGin is known as the best Asset Management Software which provides user friendly interface. If you are searching for a reliable Asset Management Cloud Software, then this should be your choice. It is built with cloud computing technology which saves important data of the organizations over the cloud. 

The software is designed for all types of enterprises and organizations. Depending upon your requirements, you can get the suitable Software from the options. The Software works automatically and generates reports of the assets itself. 

IBM Maximo 

If you are searching for Asset Management Cloud, then IBM Maximo does serve the best interface for the users. This software offers all kinds of features which are designed for the accountants and other departments. 

Intelligent Scheduling, Asset Health Visibility, Flexible Deployment and many other sections are there to manage different tasks easily. You can keep records of everything stored over the cloud. It doesn’t require any additional storage device. 

Fixed Assets CS

This software provides an efficient, flexible and simple platform to manage all the fixed assets of the organization. It comes with easy integration with your system and provides simple customizable options. 

The software offers intuitive user interface which is user-friendly for all its users. It has an attractive graphical interface as well. You can keep an eye on the activities of the organization through this software. 


This software is designed for various organizations and institutes to manage fixed assets. The software offers easy-to-use interface which makes every task of the organization simpler. Besides generation quick reports, this software has a power to store data over the cloud. It is equipped with Cloud Computing Technology which keeps all the important data stored over the cloud. 

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is yet another Fixed Asset Management Dedicated software which is designed to track all types of assets available in your organization. The software provides secure, simple and customization interface to its users. 

The software is designed for any type of organization, institute and enterprises. The entire system comes with easy integration option which integrates with the existing system easily. 

Space Runner

Source:ComNet Technology

Space Runner is a web-based Asset Management Software which allows the users to track down all types of assets available in the system. It prepares data of the assets and other planning visually so users can have better ideas about the future processes. It’s a wonderful software which is designed to work on any system through its web-based interface. 


UpKeep provides intuitive user interface to its users. The Asset Management Software is designed to work with all types of organizations and industries to keep an eye on various assets available in the system. The software can be used on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or any other devices. 

UpKeep comes with a variety of options and features which you can use to track down various assets of the organization easily. It doesn’t require any special skills to operate, just make sure you have proper access of the software and you will be ready to use it. 

A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker offers highly-customizable interface to its users. This software integrates easily with the existing systems and works efficiently for the organization. It generates reports automatically to simply the tasks. 


360Facility is an intelligent Asset Management Software. With this software, you can achieve the ROI with easy work. The software comes with easy integration, key control, preventive maintenance ans many other systems which you can use all of them within the system.